The nationwide opioid crisis has taken a serious turn in recent years. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, over 42,000 opioid-related deaths took place in 2016, with over 11 million people misusing some form of opioids that same year. Dr. Harold Bolnick, Medical Director of the Utica Park Clinic Pain Management & Wellness Center, specializes in addiction medicine. We spoke with Dr. Bolnick on the multi-faceted approach that is needed to fight the opioid crisis and the type of care that is available to help those struggling with addiction.

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Psoriasis, an immune-mediated disease that causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin, effects approximately seven million Americans, making it the most common autoimmune disease in the country. For individuals effected by psoriasis, it can often be a difficult disease to deal with. However, with continuous management, it is highly treatable. For an in-depth look into psoriasis and how to treat the disease, we spoke with Matt Dohlman, PA-C in dermatology at Utica Park Clinic.

“Psoriasis patients come in many different types,” said Dohlman. “Some individuals have lived with the... Read More »

It’s important for men of all ages to make their health a priority. From age-appropriate screenings to regular visits with their doctor, there are specific things men can do to stay healthy. We spoke with Dr. Dae Yun Kim, urologist with Utica Park Clinic, for more advice.

A consistent relationship with your primary care physician is important. “A lot of men do not regularly see a doctor,” said Dr. Kim. “Men should see their primary care physician at least once a year. We see a lot of cancers that are at their end stage where treatment can be more difficult. Seeing your primary care... Read More »

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, but it is also one of the most preventable. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, approximately 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and 85 percent of melanoma cases are associated with exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. As we recognize Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Utica Park Clinic’s Matt Dohlman, PA-C in dermatology, spoke with us about the importance of skin protection, cancer prevention and treatment.

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National Women’s Health Week, celebrated during the week of Mother’s Day each year, is recognized to remind women to make their health a priority. We spoke with Utica Park Clinic’s Dr. Emily Grewe-Nelson, about the importance of women’s health and maintaining a relationship with your primary care physician.

When it comes to women’s health, yearly wellness checkups are an important factor. “One of the best things women can do for themselves is to get a yearly wellness checkup,” said Dr. Grewe-Nelson. “Even if you are healthy and do not have a chronic disease, you still need to visit... Read More »

Scott Woodward, an electrical engineer in Oklahoma, was an average, healthy 39 year old man until recently. In mid-2017, he began experiencing discomfort in his testicles, leading him on an unexpected journey.

Many months passed before Woodward sought medical care. “Like most men, I refused to accept that there was an issue, so I waited an extremely long time to see a doctor,” he explained. “I had a very swollen, abnormal testicle for more than six months before I finally went to the doctor. By the time I did, it was bad enough that she wanted me to have an ultrasound done that same... Read More »

According to the American Cancer Society, almost 10,000 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed in 2018. However, when detected early, testicular cancer is highly treatable. To learn more about risk factors and other components of testicular cancer, we spoke with Dr. Melanie Ketchandji, urologist with Utica Park Clinic.

“First and foremost, it’s important to know about the testicles and what they do,” said Dr. Ketchandji. “The testicles form in the abdomen before a child is born. For most men, they move down into the scrotum by the time of birth. The testicles have two jobs... Read More »

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Not only is it important to get screened for colon cancer, it’s important to know your treatment options in the event of a cancer diagnosis. For more on this matter, we spoke with Dr. Matthew Wilson, colon and rectal surgeon with Utica Park Clinic.

“Colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosis in both men and women and the second most common cancer- related cause of death in both men and women,” stated Dr. Wilson. “With statistics like that, it’s obvious that this is an important subject matter. It’s not just the screenings that are... Read More »

Tis the season for gathering with friends and family to celebrate the holidays, which means many of us will be traveling and lodging away from home. As you prepare to set out by land or by air to your destinations, it’s important that the health of you and others remains a top priority.

When packing for any trip away from home, always think about where you are going and the access you will have to certain health items and supplies. A traveler’s health kit is a great way to make sure you have the items you require specific to you and your family’s health needs and in case of an... Read More »

It’s No-Shave November, also known as “Movember”, a time each year when many men put the razor away for a month in an effort to increase awareness and start conversations about men’s health issues. So, let’s start the conversation!

According to Men’s Health Network, women are 100 percent more likely to visit a doctor for annual exams than men. Sure, guys generally prefer to avoid going to the doctor. However, by failing to get routine check-ups or preventive care and ignoring problematic symptoms, a body can deteriorate, increasing health risks and making life less enjoyable.

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