February 2019

Preventing Heart Disease When Living with Diabetes

If you are living with diabetes, you are at a greater risk for heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure. Another vascular problem due to diabetes is poor circulation to the legs and feet. Many of these cardiovascular issues can start early in life and may go undetected and untreated for years which, unfortunately, can increase your risk of a major cardiovascular event.

What causes heart disease in people with diabetes?

World Cancer Day: Preventive Measures You Can Take Against Cancer

According to the Union for International Cancer Control, 9.6 million people die from cancer every year, making cancer the second-leading cause of death worldwide. We talked with Utica Park Clinic medical oncologist, Dr. Laura Kyle Brett about why she pursued working in medical oncology, preventive measures you can take against cancer and the risk factors behind melanoma, one of the most common cancers.