March 2015

Diabetes and What it Means for Your Family

With 29 million Americans living with Type 2 diabetes and another 3 million living with Type 1 diabetes, you are probably aware of someone trying to manage this complex condition, if you are not yourself. You may be wondering why some people develop diabetes and others do not and what risk your children have of developing diabetes in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, the answer is not always clear. While we know the risk factors for both types of diabetes, some who may be considered at-risk never develop the condition, while others do.

Prepare for Spring Allergies Now

Two days ago snow was on the ground and now we are within two weeks of the official start to spring. When trees start to bloom and new life begins to sprout, allergy season will be close behind. If spring is your season for wheezing and sneezing, you’re not alone. Seasonal allergies affect 60 million Americans. To help gear up, health care providers recommend refilling those allergy medications now. Additionally, here are some survival strategies to help you through allergy season.

Establishing Healthy Sleep Patterns for Your Child

March 2 - 8 is Sleep Awareness Week and if you are a sleep-deprived parent, sleep is probably top of mind more than just one week out of the year. Today’s we’re sharing tips and information to help parents, whether you have a newborn waking every one to two hours, or a preschooler who can’t seem to make it through a night without coming into your room. Sleep health is important not only for parents, but also for children as it is as essential as nutrition and their overall safety and well-being.