July 2015

The Problem with Aging: More than Skin Deep

We’re not getting any younger. It is something we celebrate with candles and cake each passing year, but in reality, many of us dread the idea of aging. We don’t want to look older and we certainly don’t want to feel older. Of the 75 million Baby Boomers, every day thousands are literally blowing out the candles on their 50th birthday. The anti-aging industry is also celebrating – as an estimated $12 billion is spent annually on products claiming to make us look and feel younger. However, aging is not just skin deep.

Be Smart About Water Safety

Warmer weather calls many people to the water - whether that be to area lakes, rivers or pools. With more splashing, catching rays and fun in the sun, summer is also a high time for drowning. Fortunately, the latest research shows the number of drowning deaths is falling, but not for all age groups. Help keep you and your family safe this summer season, while also enjoying the warmer weather and time outdoors.

Latest Drowning Numbers