February 2021

Checking carbon monoxide detectors during winter months

Emily Grewe-Nelson, D.O., of Utica Park Clinic talks with KJRH Ch. 2 about the importance of properly functioning carbon monoxide detectors during the dangerously cold winter temperatures. “It may be hitting Oklahomans off-guard, a bit, because we’re not so used to hearing ‘check your carbon monoxide detectors, make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors’ until we get into a winter storm like this,” Grewe-Nelson said. 

Debunking COVID-19 vaccine myths

A tidal wave of information has circulated social media for the last few months regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.
But what parcels of information can be trusted?
Hillcrest HealthCare System Chief Medical Officer Guy Sneed, M.D., and Utica Park Clinic Chief Medical Officer Jeffrey Galles, D.O., addressed 10 common concerns surrounding the vaccine.
Here are their answers to those concerns:
Concern: The vaccines are unsafe because their development was rushed.