May 2021

What to do if ... you get a tick bite

Because ticks can be more prevalent in late spring and summer, here’s what to do if you get a tick bite, according to Katie Jackson, M.D., pediatrician with Utica Park Clinic Claremore:

1. Inspect skin thoroughly on a regular basis.

2. If you find a tick, find a pair of tweezers or forceps.

3. Brace the skin with the alternate hand to provide counter-traction.

4. Gently pull the tick in a perpendicular motion to the skin.

Skin protection begins at a young age

With school ending, children will be spending more time outside and more time exposed to the sun. Hannah Howard, M.D., a dermatologist with Utica Park Clinic, said being conscious of the sun at a young age can help children as they get older.

“Sun damage is cumulative,” Howard said. “If you start early in kids, it can really make a difference long term. One in five Americans develop skin cancer by age 70. That’s a good reason to start early.”