Remote Patient Monitoring Program – Optimize Your Health From Home

Utica Park Clinic is proud to offer Cadence, a Remote Patient Monitoring Program for patients with the following chronic conditions: high blood pressure, chronic heart failure and type 2 diabetes. Remote patient monitoring allows you to monitor your vitals from the comfort of your home, using cellular-enabled devices; including scales, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors. This program helps your provider better manage your health needs between your regularly scheduled office visits. If you are eligible for program participation, your provider will alert you of this opportunity during your next visit.

Using the device(s) provided to you, you will submit daily vital sign readings which will be monitored by Cadence's team of skilled clinicians.

In addition to monitoring your vital signs, Cadence's team will:

  • Track your current medications and ensure you are receiving the correct dosage
  • Consult with you by phone at least once a month
  • Regularly communicate your progress and updates with your provider
  • Send reminders and notifications via text message regarding vital sign reading submissions


The program will be billed monthly to your insurance company as either a remote patient monitoring or chronic care management service, which are covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Most patients have no out-of-pocket cost for these services. Dependent on your coverage, small monthly copays or coinsurance may be required. The Cadence enrollment team will help guide you through the insurance process and reviews any costs you might expect. Please call your insurance representative for more information on your coverage.

You may unenroll from the program at any time by calling 855-613-0778.

Questions and Support

For more information or technical support, call 855-613-0778.