September 2015

The Secret to Healthy Aging?

That is a pretty bold question and one that does not necessarily have one right answer, but many. As September is Healthy Aging Month, we wanted to address the topic many of us, admittedly, avoid talking about throughout the year – aging. Although we celebrate birthdays with family and friends, when we really think about getting older, we tend to think about the potential negative aspects, especially when it comes to health.

Super Lice Headed Back to School this Year

In as many as 30 states throughout the United States, head lice are becoming an unwanted back to school accessory for many children, parents and schools and an even bigger problem than last year. As many as 12 million children are affected each year. Utica Park Clinic physician Dr. Geeta Silas says it is more of an inconvenience when heading back into the classroom than a major health concern. “Head lice are not known to spread any diseases or cause any serious health problems,” she adds.

My Prostate Cancer Story - Stanley Brown

When Stanley Brown and his family moved to Tulsa from Houston, TX more than 20 years ago, he made a life-saving decision without realizing it at the time. He met Dr. Christopher Hunter at Utica Park Clinic – Broken Arrow South. The avid softball player and sports enthusiast was often in the clinic for a broken hand or ankle sprain – not anything you would qualify as a chronic health condition, but Stanley’s  frequent visits provided the two an opportunity to get to know each other.