April 2020

Should We Continue to Practice Social Distancing?

As businesses slowly reopen and residents start to emerge from their homes, how do we prevent further spread of COVID-19? How can we protect our loved ones and ourselves? 

Experts agree that social distancing over the past several weeks was – and continues to be – effective. The act of deliberately adding physical space between ourselves and all other individuals has decreased the virus’ ability to spread as much as it could have.

7 Low Resource Activities for Kids

Ready for some new ideas to keep your kids engaged and entertained? Take a look at the seven activities below that your kids can do at home to exercise their creativity, reach out to others and reflect on what they are thankful for.

1.     Have your kids sit in front of a mirror and challenge them to draw a self-portrait.

2.     Encourage your kids to write a letter to their grandparents, or people in a local nursing home. Shut in Social Club is an Instagram account that connects people to nursing homes and pen pals.