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Brock Walker has felt like family during his stay at Hillcrest Hospital Claremore.

Walker recently was admitted to Hillcrest Claremore (HHC) to undergo a total knee replacement, the second such procedure for the 56-year-old Claremore native.

But it’s the care Walker has received from the staff during his recovery that has left an impression on him.

“The staff are the most wonderful people I have ever met, and I have been in several hospitals,” Walker said. “They are fantastic, considerate, compassionate and very helpful ... Other hospitals need to come to Hillcrest... Read More »

COVID-19 has presented more than its fair share of anomalies since it arrived in the United States last year. While there are common symptoms and guidelines outlined for the illness, reports of lingering symptoms have sparked an investigation into individuals’ post-COVID-19 journeys.

The amount of time the COVID-19 virus lives in your system is unique to each patient and usually correlates with the severity of symptoms. While many patients can expect to experience symptoms with the virus that last no longer than 10 days, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains... Read More »

Tameri Miller’s cancer journey had an unlikely beginning.

When Miller began having abdominal pain, she made an appointment with her family medicine physician, who discovered an ovarian cyst. This finding prompted her to put Miller in contact with a Utica Park Clinic OB/Gyn for more specialized testing.

During an ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis, a Hillcrest South ultrasound technologist caught a glimpse of her lung and noticed something peculiar on it. He brought the finding to the attention of the radiologist who informed Miller’s OB/Gyn.

Her doctor instantly took... Read More »

Jackie Webb was accustomed to getting a mammogram each year without incident. Unfortunately, in March 2016, her results raised a red flag. After an ultrasound revealed that the tissue was suspicious for cancerous cells, Webb immediately called her niece, Tara Wilson, M.D., FACS, with Utica Park Clinic in Tulsa.

Dr. Wilson discovered a mass in Webb’s breast. (Webb was aware she had dense breast tissue and was unable to detect a lump during self-exams.) Dr. Wilson scheduled a biopsy of the abnormal tissue. After the procedure, Webb received a call from Dr. Wilson and the news was not... Read More »

Diana Wood, a Sapulpa native and mother of five, lives her life to the fullest. As a lover of the outdoors, she is constantly looking for her next adventure.

However, 2017 presented Wood with a challenge very few people are prepared to face. In February, she noticed a large lump under her arm. Wood’s concerns led her to the Leta M. Chapman Breast Center at Hillcrest Medical Center for a mammogram. The results confirmed her worst fears.

Wood was diagnosed with stage IV triple-negative breast cancer when the cancer spread to her bone marrow. With no family history of cancer,... Read More »

For nearly five years, Alexis Fisher, 27, experienced pain around her menstrual cycle. It progressed to severe suffering within the last few years. Hoping it was normal but knowing something was wrong, Fisher sought guidance from several doctors but never felt her concerns were taken seriously. Then she made the decision to drive two hours to Broken Arrow, to seek care from Utica Park Clinic board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, Taniesha Buffin, MD.

“When I was 16, Dr. Buffin was my first gynecologist in Oklahoma City,” said Fisher. “When she moved to the Tulsa area, I tried to... Read More »

Vaccines strengthen the immune system. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) state, “The diseases vaccines prevent can be dangerous, or even deadly.”

Dr. Lauri Blesch, a pediatrician at Utica Park Clinic (UPC) in Owasso, added, "If we postpone those immunizations, we're not only going to be facing the pandemic of COVID-19 but also the outbreak of vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles or pertussis (whooping cough)."

Keeping your child’s vaccinations up-to-date is always important, even during a pandemic. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the... Read More »

Anxiety is a normal part of life and can range from mild to severe. As the body’s natural reaction to stress, it often appears in times of important decisions, difficult conversations and in moments that force you from your comfort zone. But for a person experiencing an anxiety disorder, fleeting moments of fear can linger and worsen, hindering daily functions of life, including areas affecting personal and professional relationships.

While symptoms vary for individuals based on the type of anxiety, common diagnoses include:

Generalized anxiety disorder – characterized by... Read More »

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, school closings became part of our “new norm,”as parents became responsible for their children’s education. .  Now, with summer upon us and the cancellation of several camps, parents are finding themselves gathering resources to plan more at-home activities. 

If this sounds familiar and you’re now the activities counselor for your family, consider focusing your summer fun on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)-based pursuits. According to the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning, education utilizing... Read More »

While the global spread of COVID-19 has made a tremendous impact on everyday lives, Utica Park Clinic’s (UPC) commitment to your health and safety remains unchanged. To continue in our vigilance to protect you and our staff from infection, the following practices have been implemented at all UPC locations.

ENTRANCE: Everyone who enters a Utica Park Clinic facility has their temperature checked. This applies to every physician, staff member, patient, guest and vendor. To prevent the spread of any germs, everyone is provided with an ear-loop mask. All are required to wear it while... Read More »