Could It Be Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a term you may have heard of but may not know much about.

National Endometriosis Month is an initiative to educate people on this disorder in which tissue grows outside of the uterus in abnormal patterns. Symptoms of the disorder include intense pain and menstrual irregularities.

Due to the normalization of menstrual pain, many cases go untreated and undiagnosed.

If you experience chronic pelvic pain, painful sex, infertility, fatigue, pain before or during periods, during ovulation or when going to the bathroom, you may have endometriosis.

If you commonly cancel plans, are unable to go to work or school or struggle to carry out day-to-day activities during your menstrual cycle, you may have endometriosis. Keep a detailed log of your symptoms and present them to your doctor. While there is no cure for endometriosis, there are multiple treatment options available to alleviate symptoms.

Do not accept pain as normal when it comes to your menstrual cycle. Talk clearly and frankly to your doctor about your symptoms, and don’t be afraid to explicitly mention endometriosis in your discussions.

Contact your OB/Gyn today to discuss endometriosis. If you don’t have one, call 918-579-DOCS (3627) or find one here.