The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends anyone six months or older receive a flu shot. However, people with severe life-threatening allergic reactions to the flu shot should not receive the vaccine. There are different flu shots for people of different ages and flu shots approved for pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions. It is especially important for anyone with a high risk of complications from the flu to get a flu shot each year. How do you know if you’re high risk? Here’s a brief overview:


Children five years old and... Read More »

That is a pretty bold question and one that does not necessarily have one right answer, but many. As September is Healthy Aging Month, we wanted to address the topic many of us, admittedly, avoid talking about throughout the year – aging. Although we celebrate birthdays with family and friends, when we really think about getting older, we tend to think about the potential negative aspects, especially when it comes to health. However, the mission of Healthy Aging Month is to bring national attention to the positive aspects of aging by looking at what we can do to have more responsibility... Read More »

In as many as 30 states throughout the United States, head lice are becoming an unwanted back to school accessory for many children, parents and schools and an even bigger problem than last year. As many as 12 million children are affected each year. Utica Park Clinic physician Dr. Geeta Silas says it is more of an inconvenience when heading back into the classroom than a major health concern. “Head lice are not known to spread any diseases or cause any serious health problems,” she adds. “It is pure annoyance - lots of itching on the scalp, behind the ears, around the hairline, and the... Read More »

When Stanley Brown and his family moved to Tulsa from Houston, TX more than 20 years ago, he made a life-saving decision without realizing it at the time. He met Dr. Christopher Hunter at Utica Park Clinic – Broken Arrow South. The avid softball player and sports enthusiast was often in the clinic for a broken hand or ankle sprain – not anything you would qualify as a chronic health condition, but Stanley’s  frequent visits provided the two an opportunity to get to know each other. “Over the years, we’ve become friends more than just doctor and patient,” Stanley explains. “It’s really a... Read More »

Parents, you may be thinking about getting back into the early morning routine or shopping for school supplies, while your child is thinking about which friends are in class with them this year, but the start of a new school year is also the time you want to think about annual checkups and sports physicals. This is a good opportunity to discuss preventative measures with your child’s pediatrician, as well as manage pre-existing conditions like asthma or allergies. Additionally, parents need to understand if there are any changes that should be taking place this year with regards to their... Read More »

We’re not getting any younger. It is something we celebrate with candles and cake each passing year, but in reality, many of us dread the idea of aging. We don’t want to look older and we certainly don’t want to feel older. Of the 75 million Baby Boomers, every day thousands are literally blowing out the candles on their 50th birthday. The anti-aging industry is also celebrating – as an estimated $12 billion is spent annually on products claiming to make us look and feel younger. However, aging is not just skin deep. As a new study finds, how quickly we age can affect our health later in... Read More »

Warmer weather calls many people to the water - whether that be to area lakes, rivers or pools. With more splashing, catching rays and fun in the sun, summer is also a high time for drowning. Fortunately, the latest research shows the number of drowning deaths is falling, but not for all age groups. Help keep you and your family safe this summer season, while also enjoying the warmer weather and time outdoors.

Latest Drowning Numbers

In a recent government report, researchers looked at data on drowning deaths from 1999 through 2010. They then studied the data to see what kind... Read More »

If you are exercising outside this summer, you already know how hot it can get during the day. Adjusting to this added heat and humidity can almost feel impossible. When you have to worry about dehydration and heatstroke, you may wonder how you can stay cool this summer while still maintaining your exercise plan. Here are a few tips on how to how to stay healthy during summer workouts:

Acclimate: If you enjoy running or walking outside, when hot weather hits you may be tempted to give yourself a break during hot days. If you want to continue your workouts outside, make sure you give... Read More »

If you’ve ever wondered about starting a healthy lifestyle, adhering to a vegetarian diet is a great way to start. A vegetarian is a person who abstains from eating any fish, meat, or poultry. Many vegetarians still eat dairy products and eggs. Although you may not want to cut out all meat from your diet, even incorporating some healthier food choices can make a difference. According to a Harris Interactive poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group, approximately six to eight million Americans adults abstain from eating fish, meat, and poultry (Harvard Health). Vegetarianism can... Read More »

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month.  When caught early, testicular cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer.


The following are the most common symptoms of testicular cancer:

Lump on either testicle, which is usually not painful Enlargement of a testicle Hard mass in a testicle.

The symptoms of testicular cancer may look like other conditions or medical problems. Always consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

Risk Factors

Research shows that some men are more likely than others to develop testicular cancer.

Possible risk factors include... Read More »