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Utica Park Clinic's Jamie Breedlove: Created for a time like this

Thank you to Utica Park Clinic nurse practitioner Jamie Breedlove for sharing her emotional story in dealing with COVID-19 patients over the past year with Clay Loney of FOX23
In one excerpt from the interview, Breedlove said, “My heart is there, as crazy as it seems. My heart aches for those people. When you’ve held the hand of a person dying because there’s nobody else there with them, it tugs at you. It’s a long-lasting effect and to know that I could be there, holding that patient’s hand, being with them while their loved ones are on via Skype or Zoom or FaceTime. But that actual interaction, to have someone care enough to your hand when you’re taking that last breath because I wouldn’t want my family to not have anyone there. So, that’s the reward, in a way, that you know you were there for someone on their last breath.” 
See this powerful interview in its entirety.