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Enjoy the Health Benefits of Gardening

Get out and grow! Spending time in your flowerbed or vegetable patch not only adds curbside appeal, but it can also positively impact your health. Working around the garden can be physically, mentally and emotionally rewarding, even for those without the greenest of thumbs. Read more about the benefits of tending the garden below.

Improves your diet

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a simple way to get more nutrients in your diet and encourage a healthier plate. Gardening is a healthy activity to do with children, who may be more willing to eat their greens if they help grow them.

Saves you money

By skipping the produce aisle you will likely save money on your next grocery haul. Buying organic products can be expensive. Don’t know what to start growing? Click here for the Tulsa Planting Calendar.

Keeps you fit

You can easily get a good work out when you are bending, twisting, stretching and lifting in the yard. Strenuous tasks like digging, raking and other gardening activities can easily increase your heart rate, providing an excellent whole-body workout for your heart and your muscles.

Relieves stress

What if we told you gardening is linked to stress relief and an overall improved mood? Studies show that spending time in the garden can help reduce the level of stress hormone cortisol, minimizing feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. Simply immersing yourself in nature can positively impact your overall mood and mindset.

So what are you waiting for? Start gardening today!