Convenient, Easy-to-Use and Secure Access to Your Personal Health Information

Utica Park Clinic announces the launch of a new website – – to give you a convenient, easy-to-use, secure website that allows you to access your personal health information when you need it. “Information available to patients online includes medication and allergy lists, immunizations, lab results, medical history, and vital signs,” explains Utica Park Clinic physician Dr. Danny Thomason, who has been instrumental in the implementation of  “This information can be accessed by our patients at any time and can be downloaded if needed.  Parents can access their children’s records as well.” helps patients save time by not needing to call their health care provider’s office during business hours. “Our patients can send secure messages to their doctor anytime day or night,” says Dr. Thomason.  “They can request appointments, ask questions, or send any type of information they want their doctor to be aware of.”

Having this level of access is not only convenient, Dr. Thomason says it will help improve the care of patients. “A patient can send their blood pressure readings or a status update on their condition,” he shares. “It’s as easy as sending an email. Utica Park Clinic physicians can send their patients just about anything including a summary of their office visit, educational materials and test results.”

Personal health information is protected between a firewall, 128-bit encryption and personal password-protected log in. To sign up to begin accessing your secure personal health information, you can contact your Utica Park Clinic office for login information.

“Patients are busy and appreciate the ability to access their health information quickly, easily and on their own time schedule,” says Dr. Thomason.  “We believe that giving patients access to their own health information will help them take better care of themselves and make informed decisions about their healthcare.  If it’s 10 o’clock at night and you think ‘I need to get in to see my doctor for a checkup.’  Instead of trying to remember to call during office hours, you jump online real quick and send an appointment request.  The next day you get an email confirming your appointment.  It’s very easy.”