Utica Park Clinic (UPC) rheumatology providers offer care for arthritis and autoimmune diseases that may affect joints, muscles, bones, skin and other tissues. Autoimmune diseases happen when the immune system causes unnecessary inflammation in different parts of the body. They can affect the skin, eyes and internal organs. Rheumatologists help diagnose and treat these problems.

The complex and changeable nature of many rheumatic diseases often requires ongoing assessment and evaluation. UPC rheumatology providers cultivate long-term relationships with patients and create individualized treatment plans to address specific conditions and goals.

Rheumatology care is offered on the Hillcrest Medical Center campus at:

     Utica Park Clinic
     1245 S. Utica Ave., suite 203
     Tulsa, OK 74104

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 918-579-2540.