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Reviews for William Harris, M.D.


The very best experience I have ever had!!! I love his bed side manor and and definite him trust him 100% with my health. I have referred him to everyone I know. Good Job Dr. You are the Best :)

   — Melody Manahan


I've been a patient of Dr Harris for 15 years. He and his staff are incredible!! Dr Harris takes time to explain things and has always been supportive. His practice is spacious and clean with fully stocked bathrooms. He and his staffs caring nature mean alot, because we all know going to the gyno is embarrassing, but necessary.

   — Okieladybug Grandma


Dr Harris is amazing! He truly cares about his patients. He lets them be in the drivers seat and will do whatever you want. Anything my daughter requested for her care and birthing experience he was cool with. You can tell that he stays current with the latest healthcare. We told him some things her old OBGYN said that she does and he said that was so old school and he hadn’t done that for 10+ years. I can’t say enough good things about him.

   — Marcie Adamson


I had surgery yesterday 1.5.22, I could not had a better experience with all the staff, or doctor! The atmosphere was amazing and they put me completely at ease before and after surgery. I love these people!! My doctor was out of this world amazing to me too, not to mention that today (the day after) I'm only sore all over my belly. I think he took an easy on me. Thank you Dr. Harris for being so good to me 🥰🥰🥰 I could feel how huge your heart is as a person. That's hard to find in a doctor! I would recommend my new dr to anyone that needs a female procedure done!! It's very rare for me to do a review on a Dr, but this one deserves more than a 5star!!

   — Summer Merrick


Always very professional, caring and knowledgeable. I have been a patient of Dr. Harris for the better part of 14 years, in which time he has performed 2 surgeries on me and been my GYN for yearly exams. I would not go to another physician for these needs! He and his staff are the best in Oklahoma period.

   — Barbara Konefes


Very perfessional. Dr Harris has delivered both my children. Both deliveries were high risk and both children are perfect. He just performed a hysterectomy on my wife. He is truly the best Dr. We have seen. He truly cares and does perfect work. You will not find a better Dr.

   — Blue Fire


Dr. Harris and his team provide caring and thorough care. Follow up with test results is greatly appreciated. He and his team go above and beyond expectations. Highly recommented!

   — Natasha Harp


Excellent experience everytime. Staff is very friendly!!!

   — Mary Horrocks


This is the First Year I’ve Met Dr Harris & he is The most Understanding Man I’ve ever Met. He always cares about every Little thing you have to say. He is Beyond The Best & if You are A Expecting Mother I would highly recommend him As Your Ob. His Staff is Very Kind an Always Makes You feel Welcomed with a Smile on There face. Definitely deserves a 5 Star Rating. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

   — Courtney Lee


Always very professional, knowledgeable, caring! The best GYN in Oklahoma period! Staff, office very friendly, clean and professional!

   — Barbara K


He did amazing job on my c section years ago .recently he just did a hysterectomy on me. He is still one of the best dr I have came across in years . He cares about his patients 100 percent. Mr funny guy at times but straight forward. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else.

   — Jennifer Farinas


I’ve been treating with Dr. Harris for 4 years and am expecting my first child this September. I absolutely love the care I receive in his office. From check in to check out everyone is so friendly! Such a great experience every time I go in or have a question for the nurse. I would highly recommend him!

   — Ashley Underwood


If you are a high risk pregnancy or even if your not Dr Harris is the BEST DOCTOR!!! I never had a male Doctor he was my first Male Doctor and as a female I attend to over think things.. I have no regrets at all.. I felt more comfortable with him then I ever have in my lifetime using a female OBGYN. There was never no weird moments that i felt out of place or not comfortable. Hes such a Gentleman and honestly really cares about every patient of his and it shows because he takes his time and listens always answers every question never seems in a hurry just really kind and gentle you can tell he really loves being a Dr and cares for his patients and staff. Im high risk pregnancy so i was scared alot in fear that i would have another miscarriage or another tubal. I only have one tube left and so anytime im pregnant i have to b put on bed rest to help me carry fullterm. If your reading this and your high risk your not alone.. You can have faith in Dr Harris because he knows what is best to help you. He help me carry my second baby full term by putting me on Progesterone and it really worked! Once you get thru ur first trimester its all down hill from there. I love Dr Harris and his staff they are hearts of gold and i would never use another Dr again he also comes from a military background which makes him even better.. My daughter is now 3 years old and planning to have our last baby so i will b seeing him soon.. Thank u Dr harris and staff for all i do. May God bless you..xoxo

   — Hannah Cones


Dr. Harris is amazing and the only Dr I will trust my life and my babies life with.

   — Kalli Allison


Dr Harris is so kind and always willing to answer any questions I ever have! I have not delivered with him yet, but will in a few short months. I truly believe I will be with him for many many more years to come!!

   — Jennifer Wittman



   — STEPH


Dr. Harris delivered my first nephew over 15 yrs ago, my other nephew around 13 years ago, my niece 8 yrs ago, and 2 days later my own daughter! He has always been an amazing dr. I couldnt ask for more from him and his staff! That's why after 8 yrs I came straight back to him to deliver my son! Would recommend him to anyone! And I am a high risk pregnancy and have always received the best care with him!

   — Amber Scott


Hola. Yo soy Mayra puedo decir que el doctor Harris es excelente cualquier pregunta el te explica todo y sus enfermeras muy buenas y amables. Dios lo cuide lo Bendiga.

   — Mayra Llanos


Dr. Harris is Awesome! He respectfully listened to my concerns, thoroughly answered my questions and never seemed “put-off, irritated or in a hurry” during our appts. Dr. Harris made me feel like a person and not just “another patient”. I am 48 y/o,. I have lived in 4 different states & Dr. Harris is THE BEST healthcare providers I have ever had!!

   — Kristine Schrader


One of the BEST doctors I've ever had. Very professional yet personable and down to earth.

   — Angela B


Dr.Harris is wonderful! He cares and listens to you. He never makes you feel crazy for anything.

   — Toby Grigg


Dr Harris did a complete hysterectomy he was awsome caring and compassionate he never rushed me always took his time to answer all my questions his bedside manner is wonderful

   — Linda Love


Awesome doctor! I’ve seen him for 6 years now (annual exams and he delivered my first baby last year). I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He always made me feel at ease and let me make decisions and didn’t try to push me one way or the other when it came to delivery decisions. He’s very laid back, listens/answers questions and is very supportive. I recommend him to everyone when referring to OB’s. His staff is also great. There were a couple times where he had to leave for a delivery and the staff called me before I got there to see if I wanted to wait or reschedule instead of sitting and waiting for him to return. I’ve lived in many different states and never had a doctor like him. Hands down the best!

   — Ashley Wheat


Dr. Harris is amazing. I will never use another OB. He has went over and beyond for anything i ask for. He has been my OB for almost 2 years now and i couldnt ask for a better doctor than Dr. Harris. He made my pregnancy experience better since i didnt really have a great pregnancy. He did my tubal ligation and everything went so smooth. His staff and the hospital are amazing. Im just so happy to have him as my OB. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a better OB. They never hesitate to get me seen asap. Most OBs are so busy you have to book one month before hand. Not with Dr. Harris. They get you in fast and make it so comfortable with any questions i have.

   — Melisa Arellano


Very knowledgeable and honest but reassuring and kind. The nurses are amazing as well.

   — Mary Tidwell


My name is Heather and I'm using my husband's name. Dr. Harris delivered our forth child recently. Everything went very well. We couldn't be more happy and thrilled about our new addition to our family. Dr.Harris was always very informative, patient and kind. Great sense of humor. His nurses are great! He has been the best OB ive ever had. Glad we chose him!

   — Thomas Sommers


We absolutely LOVE Dr. Harris! He is very professional, kind and caring doctor. He helped my wife and I feel comfortable and at ease throughout my pregnancy. Furthermore, Hillcrest South is an amazing hospital to give birth at. Every single doctor, nurse, staff member that we came in touch with went over and beyond to make our experience as wonderful as possible.

   — Edelaine Engdahl-Taylor


This Doctor is AMAZING! Literally saved my son. My first OB failed us and we had a lot of health issues with my baby because he wasn’t being monitored well. We met Harris is the when we were sent to the ER.. he immediately knew something was wrong and made the decision to have an emergency caesarean. Baby number 2. No doubt in my mind this would be my doctor. (Which we recently had end of Aug) Smooth pregnancy, Harris cared for me with help of a colleague. Healthy baby girl. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Harris!!

   — Kimberlee Green


Great dr! He always makes me feel comfortable! He spends the necessary time with me each appointment!

   — Pat


Was an amazing Dr. He delivered two of my kids and as long as he is in practice he will deliver any others I have. He also was so amazing my sister has used him to have both her kids as well!

   — Desiree Sullivan


He is one of the best OBGYNs I have ever been to. Him and his staff are amazing. He has done all my womanly surgeries and did a wonderful job. With fast recovery. ( mind u keep in mind everyone heals differently )

   — Dana 1983


Any other doctor would be second best.

   — Kerri M.


Has been my dr. For years now. Would not go any other place, in fact i know longer live in the tulsa area however i make the trip to see this doctor!

   — Angel Nolen


He’s absolutely the best! Great bedside manners and does everything he can to make sure you get the care you need.

   — Jessica Williams


Has delivered my first child and soon my second best doctor very respect ful and very helping with questions and concerns !

   — Jose Hernandez


Dr. Harris delivered my daughter because my original doctor was recovering from surgery and I absolutely loved my experience with him! He was so nice and did an amazing job. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. I have since switched to him as my OB since my orginal doctor retired.

   — Haley Cooley


They are awesome in his office

   — Christine Parsley


THIS MAN IS A GOD SEND!! Any questions, he's got you covered. Still don't understand, he'll draw you a picture. When I found out I had to have surgery, I talked to people who had a similar experience and by the time I was through my anxiety was through the roof. The day of my surgery, I met ALL the staff that would be by my side while I was under. They treated me like family. I get emotional just thinking about the experience. Dr. Harris you are an AMAZING man and from beginning to end I never felt anything more than a cramp. My recovery is going awesome, virtually pain free. I love you and your entire staff!

   — Vickie Graham


Dr.Harris is a fabulous doctor! He made my whole experience being pregnant and high risk because of my age stress-free. Any worries or questions I had. He was right there to ease my mind. I wouldn't change one thing and if I do have a other baby. There's no question who'd I use.

   — Tracy Angell


He's an amazing doctor! Very comfortable with him, I am expecting and wouldn't want any other delivering my baby!

   — Leave My Child Alone !


Dr Harris has been my doctor for years and delivered all my kids and helped with other woman issues. He has amazing bed side manner his staff and office are amazing as well. Definitely the best obgyn in Tulsa area.

   — Keli Jackson


This is a very good Dr.i was skeptical about doctors here in tulsa,ok becouse of the bad experience I had with them i went to the ER..& had a infection found out I was pregnant and dr. Harris was recommended to me i went in with my guard up high but after talking to him about 15 minutes I started to calm down still undesure how i feel about him & to have him be my Doctor will my next visit let's just say i new he was going to be my Doctor he had everything ready test that i needed done he made sure i was taking care of by the best doctors here in Oklahoma even after i had my baby he made sure i had the best Doctor for him as well & what i love the most he is still my Doctor

   — Audovia Dambrevil


He's the best. I was a high risk pregnancy with a lot of stress. His staff was very kind and supported. After I had my healthy daughter I send his staff flowers.

   — Dlondrea Pouncil


Dr. Harris is incredible. He treats my endometriosis and has delivered both of my babies, I've never had a single bad thing to say about him or his practice.

   — Krista Boswell


This doctor is amazing...so kind so caring...I have never had an obgyn as thorough kind compassionate and easy to talk to as him. He truly is a asset to the medical field and a wonderful reassurance to pregnant mother's. So very impressed!!! :)

   — T. Roszel


I was not a patient but a nurse for Dr. Harris years ago. Being as I was in the back taking phone calls from you ladies I had a unique perspective of every physician I've worked for and I've worked for many. I'm so happy to see the positive reviews for Dr Harris. He was extremely easy to work for, never superior acting, very considerate of ALL the women around him in the workplace. He handled it better than most women in this field. He did not complain, saw many pts. At last minute because face it, today all a physician has to do is say no and they can free up the day. A LOT of them do. He didn't do that to his or even another physicians pt. if they weren't available. He is easy going, doesn't show stress, is genuinely invested in his work but NOT burned out. At least not when I was there. I've recommended many to him and you know what is said? "If you want a referral for the doctor, ask the nurse!" Well done Dr Harris!

   — Leslie Sorrells


Dr. Harris always takes the time to talk through any questions or concerns at every single appointment. He take the time to know his patients as people. He is wonderful!

   — Tulsa, OK


He's an awesome doctor that always addresses my concerns and always makes time to see me even when he's booked. He's an amazing doctor!

   — Sarah Anderson


If you're leery of male OBs-Dr Harris will change your mind. he is amazing. He delivered both of my babies, 1st vaginally and the 2nd via c-section. I recommend him to everyone I know. You can't go wrong with this guy. The awkward OBGYN visit is never weird or uncomfortable with him.

   — Valarie Friday


Dr. Harris is simply the best answer for women's health! Friendly, helpful, informative, experienced, knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Dr. Harris is always polite, and enjoys his career. If you have questions, he has answers!

   — Jessi Haze


I have used him for 2 of my pregnancy ( in 2003/2004 & 2007/2008) and going to use him for this pregnancy as well (2013/2014). I have high risk pregnancies and he is the best in town. I have referred many of my girl friends to him as well and they all loved him.

   — Jessica Martin

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