Reviews for Michael Gebetsberger, M.D.


always prompt, thorough, and pleasant.

   — James Howard


I'm in Kansas but drive to Tulsa to see Dr. Gebetsberger. Have for many years. He's all you can ask for in a health provider. Kind, considerate, compassionate, and ready to listen. I'm sold........

   — Jan Todd


Dr. Gebetsberger is an exceptional physician. He personally spends as much time as is necessary to take care of his patients rather than relying on a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner. He always responds very quickly and appropriately to his patients’ medical needs. The quality of care that Dr. Gebetsberger provides is rarely seen in today’s medical practices.

   — Renee Kaplan


Dr Gebetsberger is devoted to his patients takes his time with you and very important follows up with you . Amazing dr

   — Sally Bianca


Dr. Gebetsberger ALWAYS takes time to spend with his patients as long as necessary to cover their issues and create a plan to resolve the problem. I cannot recommend him more highly. I have been his patient for several years now.

   — Thomas Robertson


As a physician, I am a demanding patient. When I relocated to Tulsa, I asked local physicians for their recommendation before selected Dr. Michael Gebetsberger as my own physician. He has been a model caregiver -- caring, knowledgeable, available and professional. I am a satisfied and lucky patient. Sumner Gerald Sandler, MD Professor (Emeritus) of Medicine and Pathology Georgetown University School of Medicine

   — Jerry Sandler


Dr Gebetsberger has excellent advice for your health. His bedside manner is friendly and he truly cares about his patients.

   — Diann Carnahan


Dr Gebetsberger and his staff are on top of their game, very detailed and always looking for solutions to your issues. Highly recommend him and have been seeing him for over 7 years and nothing but positive results.

   — Mike Duvall


When I had a sudden health occurrence, I was directed to the the closest ER. When discharged, I contacted Dr. Gebetsberger. He made a work in appointment for me the next day. His response to my issues has created a great improvement in symptoms, and I expect it to continue.

   — Sandi Dover


Not only is this dr caring and compassionate, he has an excellent staff and I could not recommend an office such as this more highly. His assistant, Jennifer, is outstanding and the ladies on the phones give personal attention to each and every caller.

   — Sue Ellingsworth


After my primary care physician retired, my wife (an MD) recommended Dr. Gebetsberger - and know I now why. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I feel that the care and concern I receive are comprehensive and complete. His staff is also very supportive and helpful. Highly recommended.

   — Reecejr


Dr Gebetsberger is the best doctor I have had in my life. He is very knowledgeable and caring and I trust him completely with my life. I doubt that I could ever find a better doctor.

   — Paul Smith


Excellent doctor! He spends plenty of time with me each time of there and never makes me feel rushed. He’s very thorough and truly wants the best overall health for his patients.

   — Alyson Chupp


Dr Gebetsberger is a caring professional that knows his stuff. I'd trust him with any treatment

   — Harry Mason


It was great, as always. Dr. Gebetsberger and his staff are friendly, caring and professional.

   — Diana Sowder


Dr. G is the most conscientious physician practicing in Tulsa. Never rushes me, looks me in the eye when talking to me. Gives me time and attention to ask all of my questions. Caring, compassionate, thorough. He practices medicine like he’s a family member looking out for you. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

   — Pete Blanchard


Very good Doctor. Spends a lot of time with patients.

   — James Curtis


Outstanding, compassionate doctor/diagnostician. Highest possible recommendation.

   — Tim Bailey


Outstanding, compassionate doctor/diagnostician. Highest possible recommendation.

   — Sommer Bailey


Spends plenty of time, very earnest and efficient. Very trusted.

   — Bill Allen


Dr. Gebetsberger is a competent and caring physician. If you have a health issue, you can rely on him for the highest level of medical care.

   — Renee Kaplan


Amazing compassionate doctor! Very knowledgeable. No other doctor compares!!

   — Monica Childress


Dr. Gebetsberger is thorough, compassionate and sincere in his review. UPC needs more providers like him on staff.

   — Fraz


compassionate and caring excellent diagnostic skills -

   — Steve P.


Very caring and thorough Dr. A treatment wizard.

   — David Spencer


As an older person, I have had many doctors in the past. I have never had a more caring doctor than Dr. Gebetsberger. I have said to many friends that he is absolutely the best ever. He is on top of everything and takes what ever time is needed to make sure he understands any problem a patient might have. He left his last clinic because they were all about cranking heads through his office and not about patient care. He has been my doctor for 10 years and I still think he is the best.

   — Paul S. Smith


Dr. G. takes the necessary time to treat the whole patient - physical, emotional, psychological, etc. He treats patients with respect, answers all questions and doesn't leave till all issues are dealt with. He responds quickly to medication refill requests and maintains current knowledge of medications. Additionally he has a caring, empathetic approach.

   — Nancy


He was the best Dr i ever had for my Dad.

   — Greg Bell

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