Reviews for Jon E. Orjala, D.O.


I’ve had 11 surgeries so far. (Mostly orthopedic) I’ve had all the popular surgeons in Tulsa. Was referred to Dr. Orjala by another physician. He has done my last two. Full knee replacement and a 8 anchor etc. shoulder. The pain after was 50%-70% less then previous Dr’s! He will actually spend time talking with you which is rare. Best I can tell he takes his time in the joint he’s working on as well! I will tell all me family and friends to switch surgeons!

   — Mark Jennings


Fantastic surgeon, because he is so skilled. My pain level was very minimal. My recovery was quick due a very good surgeon

   — Michael Haley


Dr.Orjala & Dr.Stoll are absolutely amazing! My Husband and Son have had multiple surgeries on different things with them and they always do a amazing job. They go above & beyond. I highly recommend them.

   — Shailee Patton


My ankle was broken for the third time and I was devastated. The first two surgeries done early in life on that ankle were not done properly or lacked the technology but Jon fixed it right for the first time in my life....that was 12 years ago. He used pig and horse sinew other than an occasional snort and neighing my ankle surgery was a huge!!!Since then he has fixed my knee and installed a new hip. He's always been professional, kind and very forthcoming. I trust him with all my mind and of course my joints!

   — James Eric Morrison


Bilateral knee pain

   — Debi Berk


Treated my mother with great respect and compassion and did a fantastic job on her knee replacement.

   — Destiny Sisco


Dr. Orjala is kind and professional and more than qualified to be my surgeon. As a nurse, I research and recognize competence. He is everything I wanted in an Ortho and his PA Dave Stoll is knowledgeable and thorough as well. I know I'm in qualified hands with this team!

   — Maureen Pilati


Dr. Orjala,was recommended to me. I am the luckiest person! He and the staff are awesome. I look forward to not having pain after my shoulder repair. Thankyou for caring !

   — Beverly Pouvesle


This was my first visit with Dr.Orjala!!! I was very happy with everyone, in his office!!! The doctor explained everything, and I understand everything he said!!! He answered all my questions, and he was polite and knowledgeable!!! I have decided to stay with Dr. Orjala!!! I trust him enough to go ahead and have surgery on my knee, with him!!! Thank you all for all of your help!!!

   — Sharon Beyer


Dr Orjala did scopes on both knees, and about to do a total replacement on one and will do the other one next year. I have always been very happy with the care i received from him and his whole team. His PA David is amazing also. I'm ready to be free from my knee restrictions!!

   — Angela Sawyer


Does he do hip replacement

   — Doreen


Dr. Orjala has helped me tremendously with my torn rotator cuff. He is very kind and has a helpful staff.

   — Regina G Thompson


Dr. Orjala is a wonderful Christian man and an excellent orthopedic doctor. He is very thorough and takes his time to listen and explain test results to his patients. I highly recommend him.

   — Ted Naman


Dr. Orjala is very accurate in explaining what needs to be done and what I should expect after surgery. Over the years he has repaired both of my knees and recently replaced my right one. Everything has happened exactly how he explained and will replace my left one later this year.

   — Jesse M


Dr. Orajala and his entire staff are top notch. Been a patient for 6+ years and am very thankful for all they do.

   — Jesse Madaffari


Very good with examining and explaining your needs.

   — Kenneth Yount


I appreciate Dr. Orjala, had surgery on my shoulder last December and the outcome has been good. Will use him when the time comes for knee surgery. He does listen to my concerns and I never feel rushed.

   — Jenny Deane


I had rotator cuff surgery. His manorism, professionalism, explanations of things, his care... Was absolutely perfect! He is in no rush to get out of the room. He explains until you need him to. His nurse is excellent. At the hospital, my family was met with, showed pics of what he did, took time with me & them. The follow up appointments have been met with great care. They took care of any pain I had & got me into rehab!! Completely happy with the whole experience!

   — Renee


Dr. Orjalla is great! He performed arthroscopic knee surgery on me in July, 2016.and I really liked the way he and his staff attended to me. My knee is doing great.

   — Sandra Fuchs


I had shoulder surgery approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had put this off for several years and now wish I would have done it sooner! He explained everything very well. My biggest concern was pain management and I have had no issues with this. There were two days about a week after surgery that were very uncomfortable but still very manageable.

   — Jana Ring


He has such a great demeanor. He is very knowledgable and has awesome bedside manner. I had two surgeries by him and both were super. Love him! Also, his nurse Lance, is amazing as well. He listens and is always available to take a call for a concern or question.

   — Tziporah Pendleton


Best orthopedic doc around in my opinion. Dr Orjala has put me back together twice from falls. Once my arm and my leg that was broken 32 days because the previous hospital xrayed the wrong leg.

   — Patti R.


I had total hip replacement,I'm very happy with everything..I would highly recommend Dr Orjala..He explain everything to me..Explain things where I could understand it..

   — Kathy


Dr Orjala has operated on both of my knees, the left in Aug of 2013, the right in Dec of 2013. Very professional. I enjoyed the simple words to describe what is going on, not big long medical words that I didn't understand. I am looking at having both knees replaced in 2016. I wish he was part of the system that works with the Veterans Administration, cause I'd have him do both my knees in a heart beat!

   — Kevin


First total knee replacement has gone very well, getting second knee done right after Christmas

   — John Miller

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