James Beebe, M.D.

James Beebe, M.D.
5.0 out of 5 


Hillcrest Hospital Pryor
111 N. Bailey St.
Pryor, OK 74361
Phone: 918-824-7901


Wound Care

James Beebe, M.D., practices wound care and has been involved in the health care industry since 2005. He chose a career in medicine because he enjoys assisting others. “There is nothing more rewarding than helping people and curing their illnesses,” he said. “Building relationships and trust with my patients leads to a better chance of positive outcomes.”

Dr. Beebe enjoys the small town atmosphere that Pryor provides. “I love the rural environment and want to be a resource for people who may have limited access to having their wounds treated,” he said.

What makes Dr. Beebe a great wound care specialist is his experience as a primary care doctor. “My family medicine background has helped me understand the underlying medical conditions that lead to wounds, such as diabetes and peripheral artery disease, for example.”

Dr. Beebe received a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois in 1990. He received a Master of Arts degree from Concordia University in River Forrest, Illinois in 1993. He earned a medical degree from Spartan Health and Sciences University in Vioux Fort, West Indies in 2005. He completed a residency at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2010. 

When he is away from the office, Dr. Beebe enjoys spending time with his family.

Dr. Beebe provides wound care at: 

     The Advanced Wound Care Center at Hillcrest Hospital Pryor
     111 N. Bailey St.
     Pryor, OK 74361

Featured Reviews



Dr Beebe is a great wound dr. He cares for his patients. He go beyond for his patients. He takes time and patience with his patients. He will go and find out what causes the wounds. If he did not send us out to a heart dr . We would have lost a foot and not know what was exactly wrong with his health. We love Dr. Beebe and his staff. The patient was David Hefner. Thank you again Dr Beebe.

   — Teresa Allen


This review is for Howard Wells. First I want to apologize to Dr Beebe for taking so long to post this. Dr Beebe is one if the most caring and passionate Dr.’s we have had the pleasure to see. He listens and goes above and beyond for his patients. My husband had a spider bite on his lower leg and after the first week, Dr Beebe said he felt something else was wrong because even after the first week the treatment showed no improvement. He felt the wound was not getting enough blood flow. My husband does have Arterial Vascular disease, and develops blockages in his legs, are normal schedule checkup for the Vascular was not scheduled for another 3 months, Dr Beebe felt he needed to be seen earlier, we called and and got earlier appoint had testing done, and he did have a blockage and scheduled surgery for a month later, again Dr Beebe felt that was not soon enough and felt my husband could possibly lose his leg, so Dr Beebe called the Vascular himself and stated his concern and got the surgery scheduled in a weeks time. We feel My husbands leg was saved by Dr Beebe. Dr Beebe was always willing to listen and answer any questions, and if one treatment was producing the healing he wanted was willing to try something else. I cannot say enough nice things about him and his staff. As far as we are concerned he is the best in what he does. You cannot go wrong by seeing him. Thank you Dr Beebe for everything you did

   — Saundra Wells


Dr. Beebe and his staff are truely the best. I am being treated for a big chunk missing from my lower leg due to a raccoon attacking me. It’s actually like going to my appointments even if it did hurt a lot!!!! They girls took their time removing the bandage each week so it didn’t hurt as bad. I only have a couple more appointments, it’s been a long 7 months but thanks to Dr. Beebe I will not have a huge hole in my leg! I highly recommend him to anyone needing wound care! And I’m going to miss seeing all of their faces!( no it wasn’t the raccoon in my picture! Ha)

   — Racquel Racquel


Dr Beebe and his staff were very accomodating to my condition. Dr Beebe explained the healing process and prior examining me he would explain what he was going to do and kept me in the loop. I made sure to Ring the Bell on my last visit since my wound was healed. Thanks Dr Beebe and Staff. You are AAA-MAY-ZING!

   — Mark Aniol


Dr. Beebe is the best wound care I've ever had. I've been to him for several different wounds and he fixed me right up. He also never has to look at your chart to know your name. His office staff is very helpful, friendly and kind.

   — Becky Glidewell


4/28/2023, Dr Beebe is an amazing wound care doctor! After a year of battling a foot wound I changed doctors to see him at the Wound Care In Pryor. He immediately was on the case, he cares and it shows in his care. He made a plan, stuck to it, even helped with my mental health while working on the wound healing. Even when I went against his plan he still was a positive force in my care. After a year and a half in a boot of some kind, and on a knee scooter, healing is happening. Now 9 months later my wound is healing and hopefully my life will return to "normal". THANK YOU Dr Beebe and your wonderful staff at Wound Care Clinic in Pryor. I give you all 10 stars!!!!

   — Connie Austin