Amrit Dockery, D.O.

Amrit Dockery, D.O.
4.3 out of 5 


Utica Park Clinic - Owasso
10512 N. 110th E. Ave., suite 300
Owasso, OK 74055
Phone: 918-376-8900

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Family Medicine

Amrit Dockery, D.O., specializes in family medicine and is fluent in speaking English, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. “I chose family medicine because it allows me to see patients of all kinds – young, old, sick, healthy, male, female, etc. in all walks of life. This also allows me to build a potential long-term therapeutic relationship with patients, which I believe is an important foundation to providing successful medical care,” she said.

Dr. Dockery makes an effort to go beyond the walls of her office to build relationships with patients. She listens to her patients and tries to get to know them beyond what their medical problems are. “I constantly remind myself that patients are not just people with medical problems that come to see me. They have entire lives that exist outside of my office. Their living environment, personal relationships, work experiences, hobbies, diet, etc. are all pieces of the puzzle that make them who they are,” she said.

When it comes to giving advice to her patients, she likes to remind them that it is a two-way street. “I will never tell you what to do; we will come up with a care plan together so that each of us is putting in the work to make you better,” she adds. “I have the knowledge needed to address medical problems, only patients have the power to implement that knowledge into action to make a difference in their health.”

Dr. Dockery’s love for biology as well as human anatomy and physiology is what inspired her to pursue a career in medicine. “The way the human body is built and works is incredible and I was always intrigued by the challenge and complexity involved in healing the body that wasn’t functioning correctly,” she said.

Dr. Dockery’s education includes:
     • Residency in family medicine at Oklahoma State University (OSU) Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, 2021
     • Master’s degree in health care administration at Oklahoma State University (OSU) Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, 2021
     • Medical degree at William Carey University in Mississippi, 2018
     • Master’s degree in biomedical science at William Carey University in Mississippi, 2013
     • Bachelor’s degree in biology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), 2008

Outside of working at the clinic, Dr. Dockery like to cycle, hike, CrossFit, go camping, kayaking and just about anything outdoors.

Dr. Dockery accepts most insurance plans at the following location:

     Utica Park Clinic
     10512 N. 110th E. Ave., suite 300
     Owasso, OK 74055

Featured Reviews



I have never had a doctor that I felt actually cared about my well-being even a fraction of what I think Dr. Dockery does. She is a very effective communicator and is able to describe options very succinctly. Her broad knowledge base is evident and I feel like she really wants me to be healthy. I don’t get the opinion that she is part of the “treat the symptom and not the cause” school, which is important to me. I find it hard to convey with words how happy I am to be her patient.

   — James Justus


This was my 2nd visit with Dr. Dockery since my previous doctor retired. I am a 58 year old woman who is healthy and very research oriented so I don’t always trust the advice of doctors. What impressed me most about Dr. Dockery is that she understands the need for preventative health and was not afraid to recommend natural supplements rather than pharmaceuticals. She is very kind, gentle, knowledgeable, and takes time to explain things in simple terms. She also took the time to recommend certain brands of quality natural supplements which is very helpful! I have complete confidence in Dr. Dockery’s recommendations and I’m so happy she is my doctor…I know I’m in good hands!!

   — Natural Health!


Knowable, kind and very patient.

   — Almerth Dortch


One of the best Doctors I have come across in a very long time!

   — Almerth Long Dortch


Dr. Dockery has helped me explore my perimenopause symptoms and finding the right ways to balance them. She is intelligent and can explain in understandable terms, as well as, compassionate and kind. I’m so thankful I have found her!

   — Megan