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Reviews for Melanie Ketchandji, M.D.


Dr. Ketchandji was so professional and personable in all her interactions with me. Her expertise in correcting my situation was terrific and provided me with much needed improvement. I would highly recommend her! Thank you, Dr. K.

   — Nancy Travers


Dr. Ketchandji is one of two of the best doctors I have ever had. She is compassionate, listening to my concerns and issues and taking as much time as she needs to explain things to me if necessary. I had to have bladder surgery, a mesh sling. Everything has been 1000% better for me since the surgery and my issue is completely taken care of. I highly recommend her for anyone that needs a urologist for any reason. I also give her credit for saving my life after I had kidney stone surgery in 2016 and became septic. She stayed on top of things and I pulled through even after having a code blue called on me. She is the best!!!

   — Patti Griffin-Long


The doctor was impressive seems to have good knowledge in her field.

   — Ishrat Rehman


CDC guidelines are enforced within the entire building. This doctor treats me with respect.

   — Jo Ann Barker


Dr Ketchandji has given me a new quality of life. She stayed with treatment until the right procedure would be effective and as I stated allowed me to have my life back again. I always felt she had a real concern for my health issues and always had the time for me. I already have recommended her to several people.

   — Kathleen Henson


Dr. Ketchandji picture should appear in the dictionary when you look up bedside manner. She is an astute, professional, caring healthcare provider. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

   — Russell Thompson


Dr. Ketchandji saved my life. I saw another urologist for 2 years and was dissatisfied with my lack of progress. I asked my PCP for a referral and went to Dr. Ketchandji. Within 2 visits she had me diagnosed with bladder cancer and scheduled for surgery. After 4 1/2 years, 3 surgeries and 36 BCG treatments I am cancer free. Her thoroughness and professionalism literally saved my life. Dr. Ketchandji and her staff have been excellent throughout the twists and turns that come with being a cancer patient. I feel secure in her care and I and my family will be forever grateful.

   — Harry Willis


Dr Ketchandji is someone you can trust. Her assessment of my condition was straightforward. She wants you to ask questions and understand what options and treatments are available. She is very professional but also cares deeply about her patients and is committed to bringing the best treatment to them. I highly recommend her. She is also highly regarded by other medical professionals. She is never pushy or dismissive but always wants to understand the problems and provide the best answer.

   — Marilyn Rhodes


Dr K is always so attentive to me. She answers my questions and explains procedures.

   — Shirley Shull


Very kind and caring. Everyone was so down to earth and easy to talk to..Dr. Ketchandji was absolutely wonderful. Thank you!

   — Beverly Hutson


The nurses were friendly. The doctor was well educated and explained things well. She was very nice. I would recommend her.

   — Crystal Moreno


Saw her for follow up for Urinary Bladder cancer. very pleased with her professional demeanor and thoroughness. Will be returning for more follow up.

   — J.D


Dr Ketchandji was easy to talk to about my problem. She offered me advice, medication and a extensive workup to try and find answers I needed. I took all three. I especially appreciate her having an office in Pryor and I'm pleased with the results of my visits.

   — Kat


Dr. Ketchandji explain my test results to me and the staff was courteous.

   — Ray Hatton



   — GM Houk


I am so thankful for Dr. Ketchandji , I have suffered with bladder and rectal problems for years. I have seen other doctors and have had several procedures done to try and help my problems but nothing helped. I had an Interstim implant placed in my back that wasn’t working properly a few years prior to seeing her. When I first seen Dr. Ketchandji, she seem so interested in my case. She scheduled a rectocele surgery and it was successful. She had me visit with a gentlemen to adjust my implant, she had me logging each time I would go to the restroom for a while. She would have me to do follow ups for quit awhile to see if there was any improvement with my voiding problem. She didn’t rush into anything, I feel she tried everything possible before she made the decision to change out my implant. I had surgery almost 2 weeks ago and I am so excited to say her decision to go ahead and change my implant was the best thing that has happen to me in years!!! In my eyes she is a God send. The day I went into the clinic to see the doctor I usually was seeing and he wasn’t in the office that day was not a mistake. That was the first time I had a visit with Dr. Ketchandji and I left that day feeling like she was concerned . She always listens to me and is so compassionate. I can’t say enough about this lady. She is awesome.

   — Fonda Gritts


She helped me allot with my personal problem.

   — Richard Aaroe


Tried. Many options for my incontinence &kept on, I'm hoping this last procedure is going to help. Thanks to Dr Ketchandji for not giving up !!

   — Lou Ann Thompson


I've been treated very well every time I have had to go Utica park. These people are professionals all the way.

   — Arthur Jamerson


I had surgery by Dr. Ketchandji last year and am very pleased with the results. She was attentive and thorough.

   — Kathy Lewis


Received pelvic organ repair from Dr. Melanie and it was the best decision I ever made with my health. She is very professional, great bedside manner, and listened to my concerns from the first visit; I never felt rushed. Before the surgery she told me to do my research and come back with my decision. I was satisfied with the options and had it done. It's been 4 months as of this day. I feel so much better inside and am amazed my back pain is almost totally gone. Putting everything back into place was the solution. I recovered well, no side effects. She will follow my progress for two years (that's when something can go wrong, but I don't expect any). I am thrilled with the results and am so glad I was referred to Dr. Melanie.

   — Vickidg


I have 2 procedures from Dr Ketchandji this month and am very satisfied with total performance.She was good about explaining the work and what to expect afterwards. She uses the latest technologies available but delivers down to earth caring.

   — Stephen R.


I felt Dr. Ketchandji was excellent and very knowledgeable. I had surgery over a week ago , the stent was very painful and I was having some concerns. She got me in right away with her nurse practitioner Jamie breedlove which she also was very caring. Her and Dr. Ketchandji removed the stent and now I feel so much better. Thank you for taking care of me. I will go back to her to do my other kidney . Sandra day

   — Sandra Day


Dr. Ketchandji performed surgery on me yesterday and I was able to come home today with no problems. She is not only the nicest person but extremely knowledgeable. She discovered a severe infection that I didn't know I had and got it cleared up quickly. She talked to me about my options and let me try several options. I chose surgery when I was finally able to take off work for awhile. I already know that it was the best decision. Thank you Dr. Ketchandji for giving me back my life,

   — Colleen Coffman


This is the first doctor I have had in years that I absolutely trust. She seems genuinely very caring of her patients and listens very patiently to what you are telling before she makes her suggestions. I was very scared before my surgery but she comforted me as a her own family member. I absolutely trust her and I strongly recommend to anyone who needs a knowledgeable doctor. You will never seat in the waiting room for hours.

   — Prabha Patel


Dr. Ketchandji is a not only an amazing surgeon, she is a kind and compassionate human being. She listened carefully to my concern, included me in the plan and carried out the plan with perfection. I recommend her without reservation. I've never felt better.



I had surgery 6 months ago. Very satisfied with the results.

   — DeAnna


Dr. K performed surgery 6 months ago. Did an amazing job. Friendly, super smart lady! Highly recommend.

   — DeAnna L.


Great doctor. Will definitely send friends and family to see her

   — Stephen F


There is no one my wife and I have come to trust as we have Dr. Ketchandji this past year in treating my medical needs. Just weeks ago, Dr. K performed a radical nephrectomy on me to remove my right kidney and large attached tumor. Not only is Dr. K extremely knowledgeable & highly skilled, she is personable and has such a calming demeanor that she puts her patients at ease even during a crisis. She and her staff meet the highest standards. It is an honor to highly recommend her to all we know.

   — James Jellison In Tulsa


Loved Dr. Ketchandji! Took great care of me-and explained my procedure. Made me feel very much at ease. Takes the time to answer questions and didn't rush my appt's. Very caring and concerned.

   — Cheryl Pritchett


I highly recommend Dr. Ketchandji. Very professional and great with patient care.

   — Sam Gould


Dr. Ketchandji is an amazing person. She is kind and compassionate. If you are looking for a Urology Dr., I strongly recommend her. I have had bladder problems for most of my life and she is the best Urology Dr I have ever found. She never rushes you. She actually listens and does follow up. She made me feel like I was her most important patient and I know she treats all of her patients with this same care.



Dr Ketchandji is very warm, kind and compassionate physician yet very confident and very thorough in her Profession I would highly recommend her as well as her staff... I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery this should have been a 5 star not 1 star don't know what happened just saying

   — Sharon Wilson


Very easy to talk to.

   — Stephenie Griebel


What an amazing person, first, and an excellent doctor. Every procedure was well explained, the why and how. Such peace we felt when we left knowing we had a plan to address the issue at hand.

   — Dianne Forler


My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and we felt like the first place we went treated us like cattle. Herd them in and herd them out. After our visit with Dr Ketchandji we felt immediately at peace about everything! She takes all the time you to explain things every step of the way. She made sure the day of surgery that we were kept updated on what was going on. I would highly recommend her!!

   — Skarlett Hildabrand

* Please note this list does not include reviews written by anonymous users