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Reviews for Scott Reeder, D.O.


Dr. Reeder is exceptional at what he does. He is great with babies. Our visit with him was the calmest my baby has ever been when having his ears looked at. He knew right away he needed tubes and even squeezed us in two days later. I highly recommend him!! Thanks so much Dr. Reeder!

   — Kennedy McCall


There is not enough stars for Dr Reeder. He is very kind has GREAT bedside manners. I have had sinus issues for years. Just thought it was allergies. I need a Dr. in my network and was set up with Dr Reeder. I first seen his PA . She put a camera up my nose and said I had some bad sinus issues. I was told to do rinses for six weeks along with some allergy spray and an appointment for a CT scan and follow up in six weeks. I was having tooth pain and my dentist said nothing was wrong with my teeth. The rinses or spray did very little to help. I followed up with Dr. Reeder and we went over my CT scan explaining everything in detail and answering any questions. I never felt like he was in a hurry with me. He made sure I understand everything. He said surgery would fix my deviated septum ( broken nose ) that I didn’t even know I had. I guess your nose doesn’t always bleed when you break it like I had always heard. As well as my sinus issues. He set it up at Bailey Hospital. I was treated so well. Dr Reeder came in and we talked about everything again and headed for surgery. He personally called to check on me at home that night after my surgery. He made sure we were doing good and if we needed anything he was the one to call. The next day the hospital and Dr Reeder’s staff checked on me. The first three day’s were tough but day four showed signs of relief as well as day five. I am on the down hill slide now. I will have my stints removed on day six with his PA. Then see Dr Reeder in four weeks later., this dr is a GREAT one. I highly recommend him with no reservation or hesitation. He’s the BEST.

   — Lynda Branstetter


I wish there were more stars to hit!!!! On my first appointment I was trying to tell him what was going on inside my nose without grossing him out (Yes I know it's silly). He was so kind and assured me that there wasn't much I could say that would gross him out. A minor surgery was needed, he came in before hand and we had a joke about dancing in the operating room. Dr. Reeder made it a point to call me the same night to check on me and his office called me the next day. Dr. Reeder is an amazing doctor and just an all out super nice guy who cares about his patients. Like I said in the beginning, 5 stars doesn't seem like enough for Dr. Reeder and his staff.

   — Dawn Atwood


Dr. Reeder is one of the best doctors I have ever gone to. He is so kind and really listens. I had chronic sinus problems. I was feeling bad all the time. I went to see Dr. Reeder and he assessed the problem and recommended surgery. I was scared and waited a few months. After continuing to feel bad, I went back. Again he was so kind and reassured me that I would feel better after he fixed the issues. He could not have been more right! ??. I had the surgery in April 2021 and I feel the best I have felt in a very long time! I highly recommend Dr. Reeder. He isn’t just an outstanding dr., he is just a super nice person! ??. ???? I would go back to him for anything!

   — JH


Dr. Reeder is the best! Highly recommend him!

   — Julie Lamb


I’ve had chronic ear problems my whole life. I’ve just become accustomed to living with ear pain. For the last several years I have been prescribed topical otic medications and oral antibiotics off and on every few months for flare ups. I really wasn’t expecting anything different from Dr. Reeder, but he went above and beyond to dig deeper. He was thorough, and was the only ENT I’ve ever had (and I’ve seen a lot) actually look in my nose along with my ears. He explained everything in detail, and it all made sense as to why this has been a chronic problem for me. Dr. Reeder laid out a plan, and after only a few days on his prescribed regimen, my ear pain and headaches are gone. My only regret is that I didn’t go see him sooner! Dr. Reeder’s compassion, bed side manner, knowledge, and ability to think outside the box definitely sets him apart from the others. I am so grateful.

   — Carmin Bieberly


I can’t express enough how wonderful Dr. Reeder is. If you are in need of an ENT he is the one I would recommend 1000 times. After 5 years and multiple doctors in my home state I did some research and read his reviews. I talked to my husband and he said it’s worth a shot because no one here is helping you. I would have ear pain every month was going to walk in clinics like clock work each month to be told I had an inner ear infection here is some medicine. I would explain that the left side of my face hurt as well as the pain and no one even mentioned anything about my face. So we drove almost 3 hours for my first visit with Dr. Reeder. He was amazed that no one had been able to tell me what was wrong and how we were going to fix everything. This was the first time he ever saw me and right away knew what was wrong. Before I left that first visit we already had a game plan on how he was going to help me breathe again and fix my ear pain. I remember saying to him “I’m not crazy” because I was getting to the point that doctors thought I was just making up my symptoms. He laughed and said no you are not crazy at all. He said how could they tell you had an infection if they didn't culture it. I said I'm not sure he said you will not leave today with medicine because I don't know what I am treating so cleaned my ear and took a culture and in a couple days Jaime called with my results and a prescription to get started on. He also addressed the pain in my face and let me see on camera from my own nose why I was hurting my sinuses were completely blocked on one entire side. No one else ever took the time to do any test or scans to see what was wrong and he did. Due to COVID we had to push my surgery out a little longer than expected but we have been able to have my surgery and I have had 2 follow up appointments since then. From the day after my surgery I could tell a huge difference, my family and friends could too, my face was swollen and I hadn’t realized prior to my surgery but as soon as the surgery was over you could tell because it wasn’t puffy anymore. I can’t just brag on Dr. Reeder his staff is just as wonderful Jaime has the best personality and is very quick to respond to any emails or phone calls. The two make one heck of a team and I will continue to make the drive for follow up appointments. It is amazing to be able to make it longer than 2 weeks without ear pain and face pain. Best ENT ever!!!

   — Crystal Quinalty


Dr. Reeder is an excellent surgeon with great bedside manner. He even called me the night after my surgery to make sure I was doing okay at home, not too many or any other surgeon does that. Dr. Reeder is the best ENT in the Tulsa area that I have ever been to. I did have some pain after surgery, but it was surgery, what did I expect? But the pain pills prescribed were more than adequate to cover it, I actually stopped taking my prescription pain medication and went to acetaminophen and ibuprofen to eliminate the side effects from the prescription meds. Healing was quick and pain was tolerable as long as I did what I was instructed to do. He’s awesome!

   — WeLcOmE TO SPeRrY BOi


I am so skeptical about reviews anymore but Dr. Reeder deserves more than a 5 star review. At my very first visit, Dr. Reeder used a small camera to view my sinuses then replayed it explaining everything he saw. After a CT scan, he recommended surgery to fix multiple issues. I have had chronic sinus infections and headaches for years. The day of surgery I went in with a huge headache and woke up with none! I resigned myself to having lots of bleeding and pain for a few days after surgery... I have had very little bleeding and ZERO pain. The stints are not comfortable and after 5 days I was completely annoyed with them but if that's all it takes to get rid of all the prior issues, totally worth it. Dr Reeder, himself, called me to check in the night of surgery and his office called me for the next couple of days after. They said they would but I didn't expect him/them to actually do so. Everyone from Dr. Reeder, APRN Kala, nurses & staff to the hospital staff at Bailey Medical have been AMAZING!

   — Chasity O'Connor


Dr. Reeder was recommended to me by a trusted friend. He and his office were exceptional! His bedside manner was great. He assured me and answered all of my questions concerning my 2.5 year old's surgery. He took special care to make sure the surgery was at an appropriate hospital for my child's pediatric age. I never felt rushed out the door. Dr. Reeder's nurse and office staff were also very kind and helpful. Even when I called with questions after-the-fact. The surgery itself went without a hitch (thank God) and recovery was exactly as expected and described to me. I highly recommend Dr. Reeder!

   — Marie Rinehart


Dr. Reeder is a thorough and conscientious provider. He has made a great difference for me with my recent nasal surgery. He has provided information and knowledge I did not get in the past. I whole heartedly recommend him for any nasal issues you might have. He’s the best - you can’t go wrong with him as your service provider! 5-stars +

   — Chuck Self


Dr Reeder is an exceptional physician for both adults & children. After years of suffering with chronic ear infections as an adult, Dr Reeder recommended ear tubes. The procedure went great, and Dr Reeders follow up care was beyond expected. My recovery was short & sweet and I have had zero ear pain or infections for the 9 months post surgery. I trust him so much we just had two of our children treated by Dr Reeder as well. Both kids had sleep apnea & chronic issues due to very large tonsils. Dr Reeder removed both kids tonsils & adenoids. The three year old was his normal self within 36 hours of surgery. Eating normal foods & zero pain! The six year old was eating & comfortable by day four which is very unheard of. Both boys were fully recovered within a week. Already sleeping & breathing so much better. Don’t hesitate to visit Dr R. He goes above & beyond & does a superb job.

   — Sara Downing


Dr Reeder is an exceptional physician for both adults & children. After years of suffering with chronic ear infections as an adult, Dr Reeder recommended ear tubes. The procedure went great, and Dr Reeders follow up care was beyond expected. My recovery was short & sweet and I have had zero ear pain or infections for the 9 months post surgery. I trust him so much we just had two of our children treated by Dr Reeder as well. Both kids had sleep apnea & chronic issues due to very large tonsils. Dr Reeder removed both kids tonsils & adenoids. The three year old was his normal self within 36 hours of surgery. Eating normal foods & zero pain! The six year old was eating & comfortable by day four which is very unheard of. Both boys were fully recovered within a week. Already sleeping & breathing so much better. Don’t hesitate to visit Dr R. He goes above & beyond & does a superb job.

   — Sara Downing


Great attitude and felt comfortable everyone was super friendly. First time seeing Dr Reeder and plan to keep up the visits.

   — Felicia


Dr. Reeder Is a very intelligent and charming man who performed several types of nasal surgery on me all at once. I had very little pain, quick recovery and my breathing is so much better. He continues to followup with me to make sure I'm not having any problems.

   — Lorraine Buttress


Dr Reeder is phenomenal. He treats you like family and that is hard to come by now a days. After my surgery he called to check on me several times that night. He made my husband feel comfortable just being there to answer any concerns he had. Truly amazing!!! Thank you for all you do. You are an asset to the medical community.

   — Michele Henry


All my issues started with a infection in a tooth that became infected and was communicating with my sinus under my right eye. After two bone grafts to close up the opening in my jaw bone Dr Reeder fixed all 6 sinus conditions and corrected my broken nose. I can breathe so much better! I sleep so much better and all my congestion is gone. I had become accustomed to living with severe discharge,congestion and “allergies “ not knowing that my nose was deviated and all my sinuses were infected. Thank you to all the staff and Dr.Reeder for getting me all fixed up and healthy 5 STARS FOR SURE! 😎

   — Eric Young


Our family loves Dr. Reeder. He is fantastic with adults and young children. He has treated my three small kids for ear infections and chronic nose bleed issues. Each time making sure that they feel comfortable with him during examination and treatment. He has a great bedside manner and we are so glad to have him practicing here in Owasso.

   — Genessee Cossey


Dr Reeder deserves a sheet of stars. There are no words to describe how thankful i am to have found this doctor! Very positive experience! Thank you & God Bless Dr Reeder and his staff!

   — Melinda Belyeu


Dr. Reeder is amazing! I went to another ENT few months prior and they didn’t tell me what is wrong and what needs to be done. It was a total waste of money and time. I went to see Dr. Reeder and he told me what we need to do and explained it to the T. He truly cares and wants the best for you. I wish there were more doctors like him. He ended up doing septoplasty for me and the results are great. I couldn’t be happier. His staff and then him called to check on me after the surgery. I highly recommend him!

   — Liz


Dr Reeder is a caring and compassionate physician. His personal concern for your health is outstanding. I would recommend Dr Reeder for ENT issues you may have. Posted for my husband Ken Smith.

   — Leslie Smith


Dr Reeder and his staff were very kind and went beyond my expectations. The surgery was a piece of cake and I felt as if I had a new lung. Have never been able to breathe this good. Wish I would have done it earlier. Thanks for the help and I really like the new me.

   — Chuck Pulliam


Dr. Reeder and his staff are outstanding. He truly cares about his patients and will work hard to find the best cure for them. My boys love him!! Such a great dr I wish we had more like him!!!

   — Lorie Matias


I took my one year old to see Dr. Reeder and he was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend!

   — Victoria Beisel


Dr. Reeder and his staff are amazing, very kind and caring. He is great with kids, excellent bedside manner. I would highly recommend him.

   — Robin Jones


Dr Reeder and his staff are amazing! I've taken both of my kids to see him and he is outstanding! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

   — Brandi Johnson


I knew I needed a tonsilectomy and after hearing about my nephew's relatively easy recovery in comparison to the terrifying stories I heard from others, I decided to fly half way across the country just to have my surgery done by Dr. Reeder. I flew from Carson City, Nevada to Tulsa, Oklahoma just for Dr. Reeder and I couldn't be happier about that decision. Getting your tonsils removed as an adult is painful but it wasn't as bad for me as it was for every other friend of mine that had theirs removed as adults. I was told I would need two weeks or more to eat regular foods and feel well enough to go back to work. Well there were about 5 days of very serious pain that improved with each day. On day 10 I was back on a plane to Nevada, eating regular foods (including doughnuts to celebrate my birthday), and by day 12 I was back at work without any pain. I highly recommend Dr. Reeder and I would send all my friends and family his way. He is a very talented surgeon and I greatly appreciate that he uses the cold knife surgical technique as the recovery is much easier and it's not smelly like cauterizing.

   — Tess Benzon


Dr. Reeder is a smart and caring physician. He removed my child’s tonsils/adenoids. His technique is highly effective in minimizing downtime from the surgery. Very glad we have a great doctor like him in the Tulsa area.

   — Erin Collins


Dr Reeder was amazing with my husband’s care. It was definitely more complicated than anyone could imagine. I appreciate the time he took to explain to my husband his surgeries and and conditions, personally call me to explain his findings since I could not be at the appointment and personally called to check on my husband the evening after surgery. He, Stacy and the rest of his staff are top notch! I personally referred my niece to him for tubes in her ears. I have worked with many physicians through the years and he is by FAR one of the best! He made us feel as if we were his only patients. We Definitely will not use any other ENT!

   — Jennifer M


Very attentive to his patients and extremely thorough with his examinations and care! He took the time to explain procedures to my husband and even called after surgery. THAT is something that is rarely done these days! I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that needed an ENT!

   — Jennifer Minor


We have had many great experiences with Dr Reeder. He did an amazing job with my special needs kids.

   — Stacie Gardner


Prior to visiting Dr. Reeder, I was miserable for a solid 4 months with constant fluid in my ears. After a short, painless procedure I felt IMMEDIATE relief and have been problem free ever since. His staff is also top notch. I would highly recommend him.

   — Jeremy Mason


Dr. Reeder is one of the most attentive doctors we have ever met. He is amazing with kids. My 8 year old had to have her tonsils removed. He explained everything to her and answered any questions that she had. He ensured that she, as the patient, and I, as the mother, had all of our questions answered. Because her tonsils were cut out rather than being burned out, her recovery was very quick. I would highly recommend him for any ENT issues. He was available to answer questions after the surgery and was very responsive to her issues.

   — Lisa Korb


I was very impressed with Dr. Reeder's "bedside manner". He dealt with my concerns in a kind and professional way. I definitely felt at ease with him.

   — Connie Nielsen


If you find a good doctor I believe you should share it. At the age of 38 I couldn’t take the tonsil stones anymore. I did some research and did not want my tonsils burned out. It takes too long to heal and it smells awful. I wanted them cut out like my sons were, but not many ENTs will do that anymore. I guess it’s easier and quicker to just burn them. My son had his removed by Dr. Reeder and he did a great job, so I didn’t hesitate to call when it was my turn. It was 4 awful days then 3 tolerable days after surgery. After a week I was good to go. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t change a thing. Dr. Reeder did an amazing job. My throat has healed wonderfully without complication.

   — Lindsey


My 6 year old snored himself awake at night. He wasn’t sleeping well. His tonsils were huge. The pediatrician highly recommended Dr. Reeder remove them. My wife did lots of research and decided that having them removed by cold knife was preferable and Dr. Reeder excels in that technique. Dr. Reeder was kind and put my son at ease before surgery. When 6 year old woke up his stuffed ape was all dressed up like a Dr. It was a special little touch that meant a lot to us. Dr. Reeder called the night of surgery to make sure everything was okay. 6 year old was absolutely miserable for 2 days after surgery, wouldn’t talk and barely ate, but by day three it was like he hadn’t even had surgery. We had to force him to stay down. Highly highly recommend!

   — Seth


Dr Reeder is the best! He's very thorough with his work and really takes time to answer any questions or concerns. After surgery he called personally that evening to check on me to make sure I was doing ok! He's got the best bedside manners and truly cares for his patients! His eagles and compassion about his work really shows and I'm so please with my results! I can now breathe through me nose for the first time! Amazing!! Definite will recommend him to all my friends and family!

   — Ashley Mertins


Dr Reeder is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. He was so caring, helpful, and calming. He went out of his way to make himself available as an on call doc, and he helped me get out of the hospital when they were messing up my discharge order and keeping me wat too long. I’ve never had a better experience with a doctor. I’d recommend him to everyone i know. Just an all around incredible doctor.

   — Savanna Tryon


Dr. Reeder and his resident Dr. Tanghetti did an amazing job fixing my tonsillectomy complications. Both of them were so caring and helpful. They made me feel calm and comfortable, despite how much pain and frustration I was feeling. Their bedside manner was the best. They took my complications seriously and got me straight into surgery once the non surgical methods to stop the bleeding failed. Dr. Reeder made himself totally available as an on call doc, answering all of our questions and giving us advice as soon as he could. When Hillcrest kept me way too long after my discharge order because of awful communication, Dr. Reeder immediately called the hospital and got me out of there. He went out of his way to help me out. He is such an awesome doctor! I will always be thankful for how much he helped me!

   — Savanna Tryon

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