Lisa (Mask) Bull, M.D.

Lisa (Mask) Bull, M.D.
4.8 out of 5 


Utica Park Clinic
9245 S. Mingo Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: 918-492-8980



Lisa (Mask) Bull, M.D., is board certified in dermatology and dermatopathology – a combination of dermatology (the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair and nail diseases) and pathology (identification of diseases microscopically). Patient comments about her include:

     "She is the best! Over the last few years, we have been to the doctor a lot. We have used a lot of different types of doctors and she has been the best."

    "I was very impressed with Dr. Bull. She is young, energetic and seems to be able to discover and treat problems quickly."

    "I love Dr. Bull! She is very polite and personable. She seemed very knowledgeable. She put me at ease from the minute she introduced herself." 

    "I had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Bull and staff. She will always be my dermatologist."  

    "Dr. Bull is always personable, attentive and thorough. She listens to all my concerns."      

“Patient comfort always comes first,” she says. “Secondly, it is important for me to have a thorough understanding of everything that is going on with each patient. My fellowship training in dermatopathology allows me to assess each case more completely. That additional training gave me a more thorough comprehension of what various skin biopsies can show me. It also made me a better diagnostician since I am able to apply what I am seeing clinically with what I am seeing under the microscope to come up with the most likely diagnosis for each patient.”

Dr. (Mask) Bull’s interest in health care came about in a unique manner. While in college on an art scholarship, the results of an aptitude test told her, “I would never be satisfied in life unless I got my medical degree,” she explains. “In medical school, I had a special affinity for the more ‘visual’ areas of medicine. My background as an artist had a major influence in my pursuit of dermatology and dermatopathology specifically because both rely on one’s visual assessment.”

Dr. (Mask) Bull welcomes the opportunity to help you with any skin-related concerns. She is particularly skilled with common conditions such as acne and skin cancer in addition to rare and unusual conditions. “In residency, I was even nicknamed ‘the rash queen’ due to my well-known appreciation of complex medical dermatology,” she shares.

Dr. (Mask) Bull is persistent in her care approach. “Consistency is key,” she explains. “A variety of treatment options can be used for many of the conditions we see in dermatology, some of which are actually quite creative. The most important thing is to find a treatment approach that is realistic for each patient, depending on a variety of factors.”

Dr. (Mask) Bull earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at the University of Tulsa in 2009. She obtained a medical degree at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 2013. She completed an internship at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa in 2014. She finished a residency in dermatology at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in 2017. She completed a fellowship in dermatopathology at the Tulane University School of Medicine in 2018.

Dr. (Mask) Bull has a wide variety of personal interests. In addition to art, she also enjoys furniture construction, interior decorating, gardening, spending time outdoors, tennis, chess, dogs and traveling.

Dr. (Mask) Bull welcomes new patients and accepts most insurance plans. Her office is located at:

     Utica Park Clinic
     9245 S. Mingo Rd.
     Tulsa, OK 74133

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 918-492-8980.


Featured Reviews



Lisa Bull has been thoughtful in her approach to my issues, she DIDN'T pigeon hole me into a 'classic' subset. She has been extremely mindful in her prescriptions with regard to cost. I would recommend her to everyone

   — Curtis


They are fantastic, Dr. Bull is great at what she does. I'm blessed to be having her as my Dr.

   — Stanley Thomas


Went & seen Dr. Bull , first time to a dermatologist. she made my vist seem so comfortable talking through the whole process making you feel comfortable she’s so awesome. I Recommend her to anybody needing a great dermatologist and voted #1 in Tulsa. Go Dr. Bull. You do the math.

   — Berlin Simpson


Dr. Bull is very professional and also patient when answering questions. She has an upbeat attitude which is a great characteristic when treating patients who can be a little apprehensive. I would highly recommend her.

   — Jim Wilburn


Dr. Bull is my hero!! She quite literally saved my life. And it wasn’t only her impressive intelligence; the follow-through with commitment and genuine compassion made ALL the difference for me. I appreciate so many great doctors I’ve known over the years, but Dr. Bull stands in a league of her own!!! Incomparable. THANK YOU!!!

   — Anna C


Dr. Bull is excellent. Great bedside manner and explains everything very well. She caught an early stage melanoma on my foot. I would never thought it was anything. Thank goodness she suggested removing it.

   — Melinda Humphrey