Reviews for Timothy McConn, D.P.M., FACFAS


Can’t speak highly enough about Dr. McConn and the staff at this ortho. All incredible. They were kind, communicative, efficient, and responsive. When I went into my consultation Thursday for my broken foot, he was able to get me in next day for surgery. There wasn’t a single interaction with any staff member that was less that stellar. Truly. My mom and I were so impressed! I wish I could remember the names of all of the nurses who helped us because everyone one of them way fantastic, but sadly I only remember the name of Kelly (whoso catheter-placing skills are top-notch! She was so fast and gentle!) Best of all, the nurses could tell I was nervous and said they’d ask the doctor what they could do for me. THEY noticed and asked ME. That is genuine care for a patient. I was really frustrated about having to do surgery and be out of work and losing independence, but if I HAD to? This was the place to do it.

   — Grace McCartney


I had trouble with my ankle for many years. Went to see Dr McConn and the frist visit he knew i had been falling without asking me if i had a problem falling. Still in recovery but extremely happy with the work done. Thanks Dr McConn

   — Staci Bohanan


Friendly staff!! Very helpful and informative.

   — Heather Phipps


Wouldn’t go to anyone else!

   — April Lorett


Terrific the information was exact and detailed the xray’s were explained in detail and a plan of action was given with instructions. I have followed them and am extremely pleased with the experience.

   — Mark Stork


Excellent care from Dr. McConn and all his staff, very kind and compassionate. Dr. McConn took time to explain the x-ray and the condition of my Achilles tendon and why surgery was necessary! i would recommend him to everyone!

   — Val McGeachy


My first experience was negative. I was contacted by phone and scheduled at the wrong location--wasting my personal time. Rescheduled. Actual visit was very efficient and the physician was appropriately compassionate and informative.

   — Kim Restor


Very pleasant and professional . Informative and addressed all of my questions and concerns.

   — Sarah Liebs


Excellent doctor. Very thorough and explained everything where I could understand.

   — Shellie Rogers


I have only seen Dr. McConn one time but he is going to be doing surgery on my torn Achilles tendon on Monday. I will be better able to rate then and on future visits as well. The Dr. explained the surgery and what to expect afterwards as well. The Dr. and the staff were all very nice and polite. I have never had any problems with Utica Park Clinic or Hillcrest as a whole.

   — Karie Stafford


We love Dr. McCon, he was wonderful with my daughter and did an amazing job!!!

   — Brook Banks


Dr McConn was very attentive to my problem and explained in lay terms what my problem was and how to fix it. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment. Also, his staff was very polite and helpful.

   — Cathy Norton


I would recommend Dr. McConn to anyone. He replaced my achilles tendon perfectly and with zero complications, keeping me instructed and informed every step of the way.

   — Victoria Freeze


Fantastic surgeon, very professional and great bedside manner.

   — Dannette Staples


The staff was very efficient. Did not have to wait very long to be seen. Dr McConn was very thorough and explained X-rays to me and what to expect. Would recommend office

   — Nancy Wiehl


Dr. McConn is an excellent Physician and fantastic human being. Tulsa area residents are fortunate to have him taking care of us. God Bless Him.

   — John Sellers


He explained my condition in a manner I fully understood. Wasn’t in a rush and was very personable. The only problem after the appointment was getting an MRI to coordinate with the appointment the doctor scheduled for the following week. Some issues in communication, was not happy about that.

   — Lisa Kissee


Dr McConn is an excellent surgeon. I could not be happier with my results. He is also very personable and "eye candy" which makes pre and post-op appts fun ;O) ;O)

   — Marcia Burnett


Doctor was on time and I was diagnosed very quickly. Staff was friendly and helpful. Dr. McConn explained my foot/toe issue and took the time to clearly explain my options.

   — Sheri Sharp


Great experience. Got me in right on time. Dr. McConn was very thorough and the staff was great too.

   — Diana Sowder


I had surgery on Dec the 3rd and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. McConn worked magic beyond magic on my foot that had been let go for years and had deteriorated due to arthritis. I can now wear shoes which was impossible unless they were men's and even at times I still had immense pain. Dr. McConn did an amazing job on my foot and I am extremely thankful for him and his staff they are rated much higher in my book than a 5, but it is the only choice I was given. i would recommend Dr McConn to whoever needs to see a foot ankle specialist his enthusiasm and his positive bedside manner shines in his work ethic

   — Sandra Robertson


I had surgery on my left foot and Dr. McConn was very helpful and quick about helping me. He is a very good doctor!

   — Ali Garcia


Very professional and knowledgeable, with all newest and latest technology

   — Karen Thomas


Dr. Mccoon is the best. Very knowledgeable. I wish he was a primary physician. His bedside manner if outstanding. The only podiatrist I would go back to and recommend.

   — Carol Phillips Phillilps


Husband ruptured his Achilles. McConn and his MAs, Kelly and Stefanie were super accommodating. Got us set with with an office visit and surgical date within 1 week of injury. Amazing team!! McConn is very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner! Would definitely recommend for any foot/ ankle issues!

   — Kala Gaydos


Great Dr very thorough highly recommend

   — Kelly Murphy


Dr McConn removed a bone spur from my heel with no issues, and I love the way he keeps me in the loop about the healing process and next steps. He has a direct "to the point" communication style that some people may not appreciate but I find it refreshing. Dr McConn is an excellent surgeon. If you do a search on his name at (National Institute of Health website)you will find the article he wrote on the procedure. He is an expert in his field. I highly recommend Dr Timothy McConn.

   — Velma Haywood


2 locations both offer good scheduling options. Staff works well as team. Dr. McConn is practical. Excellent ability to explain options. He makes you feel comfortable. Don't wait. If you have a foot problem go see him.

   — Kirkkelly Duggins


Dr. McConn was amazing. He wasn't able to help me with my problem that I was having, but was a wealth of information. He referred me to several different Doctors for various problem I'm having. All of the doctors that he referred me to have been amazing. I highly recommend Dr. McConn

   — Terry Shackelford


Dr. McConn and his team were excellent in their care for my left ankle. The surgery on the tibial tendon transplant was a great success. My left ankle is doing very well as a result. I'm grateful to Dr. McConn and his excellent, caring staff for the after surgery care I have received and would recommend them to others who may need this type of treatment.

   — Steve Stephens


Everyone was really nice and helpful and Dr. McConn was great about explaining everything.

   — Myra Mullenax


Very grateful I was able to get in to see Dr. McConn following ER treatment. After a thorough exam I had all the information I needed to go on vacation with a broken ankle. He fitted me in a much more comfortable and better-fitting boot than ER had given me, and made clear recommendations about what I should and should not do to promote healing. Should I ever need a podiatrist after this he will definitely be the one I choose. Top-notch in every way!

   — Helen Martin Smith


I was a little disappointed because, I really thought something could be done with my toes. Dr. McConn did refer me to Dr. Carl Miller to have my toenails trimmed. I have an appointment for that.

   — Charlene Gray


I had a procedure done on my foot, now four wks out I am walking exercise with very little pain. From the beginning to talk about my situation he explains to me what, why and will be done. He did it, I was expressed with the final results. After he talked to me about as well showed me what he did on screen etc. I'd recommend him to anyone who need professional and caring support! Thank you Dr McConn for your service.

   — Reginald Sanders


Dr McConn is always pleasant. He takes time to explain and answer questions. Dr McConn done my foot surgery in Tulsa and i was so pleased to find that he joined the Owasso medical group. I highly recommend him as a doctor/surgeon. Great bedside manners. Five stars for his knowledge and care.

   — Wanda Williamson


Dr McConn and his staff are the greatest providing the most professional and caring service with my broken foot and surgery. I would recommend him 😄

   — Lane Phillips


Very patient, knowledgeable and thorough

   — Nicole Smallwood


Dr. McConn explained what is/was to happen with the surgery and post opp. I'm healing well and I expect great result.

   — Richard Guimond


This was a very good experience the Doc was great and the nurses are wonderfully friendly and helpful made the whole experience a lot less stressful

   — Steven Waldrep


Dr. McConn listened to me and provided suggestions and recommendation, being respectful as well as concerned. Highly recommend.

   — Judi Cox Steib


From the time I checked in, Doc McConn was adamant about getting me back where I need to be. He was very patient and wanted to be sure I was comfortable in every way I could be. He did an amazing job on my surgery! My PT is going well and I am very well on track with my recovery

   — TaVianna Davis


I’m a retired nurse who highly recommends Dr McConn after he revised my foot from a previous surgery. Don’t expect warm hugs but he is, as well as his staff, polite, friendly and most importantly extremely competent. I chose him from several other nurses’ recommendations. Am beyond happy that my foot is fixed and I’m so glad I went to him. Trusted him. Very happy with the results.

   — Debi Quillin


I was having so much pain in my right foot from the screw that was in it. I need a second opinion cuz my first foot dr didn't want to do anything about it. Dr McCon was amazing. Very helpful. He removed the screw three weeks ago and I feel great. Great manors and very caring. I would recommend him to anyone.

   — Autumn Murphy


very caring and had time to listen

   — Carolyn Crabtree


Very easy to talk to after he explained my condition. Would refer Dr. McConn to my friends.

   — Beverly Chanley


Dr. McConn is professional with great skill, knowledge in his specialty of foot care...i highly recommend him for all your feet's needs..He is also kind.

   — Mary Scott Raiford


I suffered with severe bunions for 36 years and finally decided to see what were my options. I was referred to Dr. McConn by my PCP and got an appointment within a few days. Dr. McConn took X-rays and showed me where the problem originated and provided his expert diagnosis to fix my feet. (As I called it). He explained his training and fellowship and the innovative procedure he would be using. I had corrective surgery on both feet, one in May then after adequate healing time had the other in August. It has truly changed my life and improved my quality of living. No more burning of the bunion joint and only able to wear sneakers even when dressed up. I can finally wear cute shoes without excruciating pain. Thank you also to his assistant Stephanie!! She is amazing and thorough!! What a great experience!!

   — Sherri Washington


Dr. Mc Conn & his Staff are an Awesome Team. I would highly recommend Dr McConn for All their Orthopedic needs.

   — Doreen White


He is an amazing orthopedic surgeon and I highly recommend. Almost 2 months post op and can hardly see my scars. Very thorough in explanations and his staff is wonderful as well.

   — Leesa Barnett


Dr. McConn has the best bedside manner of any physician i have ever worked with. He is very knowledgeable of all the new techniques and treatments available. I never felt rushed during and appointment as he always stopped and took time to answer any questions I had during my appointments. You will not regret going to see him for your orthopedic care.

   — Kristy Moore


This was the 2nd pediatrist I've seen, No comparison! Dr. McConn was amazing, knowledgeable, and informative. He did an infusion on my big toe and after getting my boot off I realized how much my foot was bothering me because I can't remember the last time I was Completely Pain Free!! Thank you Dr. McConn!!

   — Jason Plumber


He's a good doc. You can tell by his nature he cares. Intelligent and professional. Comes to Owasso.

   — Jami Rowland


I was impressed with Dr. McConn..I will use him anytime I have a foot issue

   — Billy Merrell


In May of 2019, I fell off a ladder suffering multiple fractures. The orthopedic doctor that I saw at that time advised against surgery and did not offer any solutions other than stay in a boot for a couple months and time would heal. Many months later with little improvement and still a lot of pain, the first Orthopedic doctor I saw referred me to Dr. McConn. Right from the start he was engaged and to the point as he explained my injuries in layman's terms, what the injuries would mean for me down the road, and how surgery could help, but also the limits of the surgery as well. We decided to move forward with fusion surgery and mending torn ligaments in my ankle. Dr. McConn put together a plan for recovery for the months following the surgery which included follow up visits and physical therapy. Today, five months after the surgery and a couple rounds of physical therapy, I'm doing better than I ever expected. I'm walking in an ankle brace or a compression sock and have much more mobility and much less pain. The staff at his office and the hospital have all been very helpful as well, especially April. Dr. McConn is a true professional and I get the sense that he cares deeply about what he is doing. Highly recommended. Thank you,

   — Gabriel De Leon


Had bunion surgery and things couldn't of went any better. Very grateful for Dr. McConns expertise!!!

   — Dustin Woods


I had a previous ankle surgery in 2002, injuries since, and struggled with on and off pain since then. Dr. McConn was very knowledgeable about the ankle issues I had. I ended up having surgery November 2019 and have been feeling great every since. The recovery in the beginning was slow but my ankle hasn't felt this great since my 2002 injury. I highly recommend Dr. McConn and his staff!

   — Erica Coats

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