Reviews for Scott Newbrough, M.D.


While Dr Landis did my double mastectomy 3/23 She moved her office and I met Dr Newbrough. Helped he worked with her in the pass and on 8/23 he finished up my surgery placing the inplates. He is very kind and takes time to explain what can be done or how, his staff is great and very friendly. I was blessed with a great Doctor and can't thank him enough for all he did for me.

   — Shelly Monforte


Dr. Newbrough is fantastic. He gave me a realistic opinion even when I didn't want to hear it. He is very knowledgeable and shares it. He is concerned and caring. I would recommend him.

   — Jane Hartley


I had a panniculectomy Friday and I must say it's been a breeze.the doctor and his staff are amazing and he does an amazing job,he ask if you have any questions or concerns I just couldn't have asked for a better doctor.i would recommend him to anyone

   — Trena Vazquez


He's awesome ❤❤❤

   — Nate' Hawkins


I really like Dr. Newbrough.

   — Jan Chambers


Dr Landis and his nurse Amanda were so wonderful! They were so kind and warm!

   — Chelsey White


He was very professional and kind and I could tell he cared about my well being as a person and a patient from just the first visit. The front ladies are also very very sweet Update: had my surgery yesterday and Dr. Newbrough and his whole staff took excellent care of me. A little sore but overall, very minimal pain. I started this whole process (including the referral) in early April and had my surgery may 23rd. Very efficient and quick people. They ALL care about you. Very grateful for Newbrough and his whole team. Couldn’t have gone any better. Much love to the St. John’s team

   — Brianna Rose


I hade a lesion removed near my left eye. Dr. Newbrough was very informative and told me step by step on what he was doing. His nurse, Amanda, is amazing! She kept me comfortable and she actually remembered from my initial visit that I said my daughter was getting married. Who does that these days? I'm healing nicely and no pain afterwards. Exceptional job! Highly recommended!

   — Ace Doggett


Everyone in Dr Newbroughs office is very professional and extremely personal. They make me feel like I’m family. I look forward to each of my visits.

   — Dianna McDonald


Dr. Newbrough and staff are very thorough and personable. They make sure you understand your procedures and discuss options.

   — Bryan McDonald


Such an amazing surgeon!! My mom had a mastectomy in 2017 he worked with the oncologist during the mastectomy to put in the spacer the same time. Saved her an extra surgery and recovery. Went in later to do the full reconstruction and it looked amazing!! So was so nervous about it and ended up being super happy with it. Can’t even tell in a bikini!!

   — Megan Gillenwater


Incredible plastic surgeon with a supportive staff!

   — C Megan Brenner


The best plastic surgeon in Oklahoma! He cares, listens and I trust him for that reason.

   — Candi J


For those stressing to find this place for an appointment, it is in the Williams Medical Building, Williams Medical Plaza, at St. Johns. I wish it said that in Google Maps and have submitted it as a recommendation online after talking to the dr office staff. GPS just drops you in the middle of the complex of buildings in a location that I did not find well-marked to match the address online. (Maybe I was missing a sign? But the traffic is such that you can’t drive around open-mouthed trying to figure it out; you have to get out of the way.) I parked in the Bernson Garage but there is one even closer that is part of the Williams Building, so Williams Garage, I believe. (I think they said that garage is the first left as you turn off 21st St. The Wendy’s is the best landmark to know you’re in right area... I think the Williams Garage entrance must be right across from it.)

   — John Doe


Dr. Newborough has performed multiple reconstructive surgeries on me after my recurrent breast cancer diagnosis. I expected the results to be unflattering because of the location of my recurrence, but he was somehow able to obtain amazing results. He is the most talented surgeon I have ever had. I highly recommend him to anyone dealing with breast reconstruction after cancer.

   — Courtney Kelley

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