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Randall Webb, M.D.

Randall Webb, M.D.
3.6 out of 5 


Utica Park Clinic
9001 S. 101st E. Ave., Suite 190
Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: 918-579-3870



Randall Webb, M.D., is board certified in neurology and has provided care since 1986. “I chose to focus on the brain / nervous system because I find it to be intricate and fascinating,” he said. “Everything centers around the nervous system.” Dr. Webb’s specific areas of interest are general neurology including epilepsy, neuromuscular concerns and multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Webb’s decision to have a career in medicine was unplanned. “I went into health care as a second career,” he said. “I had a master’s degree in psychology and enjoyed making a difference in other people’s lives.  I was a camp counselor one summer and just decided to sit for the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test). The rest is history.” 

When teaching patients how to stay healthy, Dr. Webb encourages them to stay active, think positively, eat well, work hard, worry less and listen to their body. “My care philosophy is to build a framework for you to make an informed decision on your health, treatment and care.”

Dr. Webb received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and Master of Arts degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University in 1976 and 1983, respectively. He earned a medical degree from The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in 1986. Prior to joining Utica Park Clinic, Dr. Webb worked at St. Francis Health System.

When he is away from the office, Dr. Webb enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching sports, beekeeping, hunting, fishing and traveling.

Dr. Webb welcomes new patients and accepts most insurance plans. His office is located on the Hillcrest Hospital South campus at:

     Utica Park Clinic
     9001 S. 101st E. Ave., Suite 190
     Tulsa, OK 74133

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 918-579-3870.

Featured Reviews



Best MS Dr. Wouldn't want another. Thank you foe taking such good care of me. Kathy Heisig

   — Kathy Heisig


I see Dr. Webb for migraines. He has been very kind, helpful and relentless in finding the best treatment.It’s very nice to be believed about my migraines and symptoms that accompany them. His staff has always been very professional as well. I appreciate all they’ve done.

   — Natalie Dumontel


I have been seeing Dr.Webb since I found out about my MS close to 3 years ago and he has helped me understand everything and puts it into words to help me understand and he is a great person

   — Aubrey Horton


I have been seeing Dr. Webb for my ms for 2 years now. I was seeing someone else but got referred to Dr. Webb. Him and his staff are very nice. I have never had a bad experience with Dr. Webb. Amy and Craig have been awesome. I've never sent an email that didn't get a reply within the same day. They are really good people. I don't understand the negative comments. But not everybody has the same experience and maybe because you didn't get what you wanted and not what was needed. I don't know. But I do know I'm happy with Dr. Webb and his staff. VERY HAPPY. They haven't been anything but helpful and nice. Have always got a response if anything I've ask within the day. Thank you Dr. Webb, Amy and the rest of y'all. Doing GREAT

   — Brenda Shepard


It’s really disappointing to see some of the reviews on here ( Especially about Dr. Randall Webb! ). Every single person has bad days and its human to have it spill over into your “work time” sometimes. Therefore if you had a negative experience, that doesn’t mean that they are horrible at their jobs or to recommend people to NEVER see them etc. ( people don’t like to admit this, but it is also common for the PATIENTS to be unreasonable or difficult to staff which can escalate a situation). -In response to one of the reviews listed, I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE AT NUEROLOGY ASSOCIATES TULSA, this is a honest personal post. I’m currently & have been a caregiver for my mother, who has Multiple Sclerosis, for over 3 years now. People and myself included cannot fathom the horrible, scary, and unpredictable NIGHTMARE that MS is for the person diagnosed & their loved ones. I have gone to every appointment with her and DR. WEBB. He is by far one of my favorite people. Since day one he has been nothing but nice to my mother and I. He listens when sometimes you just need to talk/vent about her situation, HE & HIS STAFF have been nothing but accommodating in responding to our correspondences in a timely manner. He is very informative and helps with anything we need. As a daughter/caregiver I TRUELY feel safe and happy with him being my mothers Nuerology Doctor. I’ve had many bad doctors before, and I hope people listen when I say that is not the case with Dr. Webb ( or at least a great majority of us think so anyways ). His staff have been great to us and very personable. Finding a doctor your compatible with isn’t easy and sometimes takes a few switches before you do. Its just unecessary to BASH someone online and say that NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE DR. WEBB as their doctor or go to Nuerology Associates of Tulsa. Your experience is rarely ever going to be the same as someone else’s, therefore if ur unhappy with the doctor and/or his staff. Just simple state that you would not go back to that doctor/clinic because he has truely HELPED a lot of people who are really suffering, including mother and myself. At least that is just my opinion, take from it what you will. DR. WEBB YOU ARE AN AMAZING AND HELPFUL DOCTOR. I DONT THINK ANY OTHER NUEROLOGIST WOULD SUFFICE. My mother states you are always kind to her and that makes my heart feel good. Thank you for really caring about what you do. Some of the people that left negative reviews are just HATERS! -Jenny K. <3

   — Jenny King


Dr. Webb is very attentive and caring. I have been his patient for MS for almost 5 years now. His staff is always wonderful and very nice. I really can't understand the negative reviews because I have never had those experiences in the 5 years I have been seeing Dr. Webb. To me, it's like you are talking about a completely different doctor and staff. Amy has always been very professional and always responds in a timely manner. I have never heard the staff curse or be rude to anyone. And the time that I met Craig he was amazing! Dr. Webb is one of if not the best doctor that I have ever had in my life. When I was diagnosed I was seeing a different neurologist for my MS and he was very impersonal, short, emotionless, and uncaring. When I switched doctors and started seeing Dr. Webb, it was the complete opposite. He took his time and explained everything to my husband and I and he answered all of my questions (which I had pretty much a folder full of). He and his staff have always been nothing but professional and they have always treated me like family. I would highly recommend Dr. Webb to anyone who is in need of a neurologist. I can honestly say that he is the best around in my opinion. If you truly need neurological services just give him a try first and see for yourself how wonderful he is!

   — Kimberly Puckett-Edwards