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Reviews for Lori Hyden, D.O.


Dr. Hyden is the absolute best Dr along with her staff. I feel so blessed to have her to care for me❤

   — Rhonda Miller


I am beyond happy with Dr. Hyden! I was ready for her to treat me like other obgyns have but she actually listened to me and understands my endometriosis. I recommend, Lori Hyden!

   — Rose Glover


Dr Hyden has delivered all 3 of my babies and is fixing to deliver my 4th and last. She is down to earth and shows concern for your questions and well being. Couldn’t ask for a better dr!

   — Sara True


Dr Hyden was so very nice and set and talked to me to explain things better then previous doctor. I felt comfortable with her. God Bless Dr Hyden

   — Lorna Holloway


Dr Hyden is very caring and takes time to listen. She is also supportive and willing to explore different treatment options.

   — Brenda


Hyden delivered my son, and is also my current OB. She was amazing with the delivery of my last, and is continuing to do good with my current. I’ve never had any issues with her canceling on me (as some these Karens in the comment section have.) some people need to be educated on what OBs have to do. SMH.

   — Kylie Kapchinsky


She delivered all four of my babies she's great and she listens to everything you have to say she doesn't do anything you don't want done she does have children and like any of other mom when school calls or babysitter she has to go but she's not gone long she was always there for all four of my babies night or day she will take care of you

   — Mikahla Million


Competent friendly physician and staff. Very professional. Clinic runs on time. I would highly recommend this practice.

   — Melinda Teehee


Dr. Hyden is always caring, thorough and a great listener. I have never felt rushed; if I have questions, she always answers them with honesty and patience, and talks me through the process of needed medical care. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr. Hyden to friends and family.

   — Kimi Pranger


I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hyden. She is so sweet and explains everything before you even ask your questions. Candice is awesome too. They both make you feel so comfortable, and they are both very personable. It makes visits enjoyable knowing you are going to people who actually care about you and your child.

   — Saddie McCollum


So AMAZING 👏 best hospital experience I've ever had! Love Dr.Hyden for her bedside manner and understanding of my fears, she is super respectful and made me feel very safe.

   — Laura Stillwell


Dr. Hyden is incredibly intelligent and makes the best decisions when it comes to her patients. She listens to my concerns and takes her time with me. Dr. Hyden has been through cervical dysplasia, miscarriage, and two pregnancies with me and I fully trust her with my health. Her M.A. Candace, is also very smart and the two of them work like a well-oiled machine together.

   — Amanda M


Only 1 bad review and it's probably because she was blaming everyone else for her negligence in keeping up with her own insurance. I've known Lori for 7+ years now and never once has she ever made me doubt her abilities to keep myself and my child safe and healthy. I will forever recommend her to everyone.

   — Trystan Daugherty


I Have been seeing Dr. Hyden for about 4 years now. She is very professional, always willing to listen to what you need to tell her and actively listen to your concerns.

   — Sandi


I have been seeing Lori Hayden for over 2 years now with my first pregnancy I lost my daughter at 34 weeks at no fault of anyone's. Lori Hayden was there and her nurse to help me though the loss ...her and her nurse gave me the hope to keep trying and now I have a beautiful 7 month old daughter there is no amount of thank you I can give for the little blessing I have today she will always be my OBGYN

   — Angel Brock


I’m a FTM and saw Dr. Hyden for the duration of my pregnancy. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. She never made me feel uncomfortable and was reassuring throughout my whole pregnancy and during delivery. Dr. Hydens calm and confident demeanor is exactly what one needs in the delivery room. I trust her professional opinion and decisions. She always took time to explain things and I feel she truly cares. Her office staff and nurse were always wonderful as well. Highly recommend!

   — Shea


Dr. Hyden is very professional and thorough. She took time to exam the issue, explain, and answer all the questions that my husband and I had about the problems I was having. I have been going to her for the over 5 years.

   — Claremore, OK

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