Reviews for Jeffrey Galles, D.O.


Dr. Galles is very 'present' in each visit. Attentive, asks good questions, remembers important patient information and follows up to gauge progress. He doesn't appear rushed, taking time to listen and provide thoughtful answers to my questions.

   — Robert Hulsey


Dr Galles is pleasant and informative always. Vickie is great and puts you right at ease

   — Scott Williamson


Have been seeing Dr.Galles for many years. He sees most of my family. Great doctor and Vickie is wonderful!

   — Judy Bentley


Dr. Jeffrey Galles has been my primary physician for about 4 years and the professionalism that he and his nurse Vicki share is greatly appreciated and I am blessed to have them. Keep up the great work, they care and explain all concerns that has arisen. Thank you both. G. Scott Hamilton

   — Scott Hamilton


I had a great experience with Dr. Galles. His staff was wonderful and overall I would give him and his staff an A+ rating.

   — Sigma Sales


A most kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring medical professional. I doubt you'll find a better one!

   — Joseph Hartley


My experience with Dr. Galles is satisfying we talk in detail about me so l understand what is going on with me. Dr. Galles is one of the best doctors that l have had for a long time. He is my 5☆ doctor.

   — Linda Phillips


I like that he listens and will do anything to make you comfortable

   — Kecia Barnes


Dr. Galles and his team past and present are the greatest of all time. I have followed him from another city because he truly cares for his patients.

   — Jeffie Ford


Wonderful experience

   — Lindell Brandner


Excellent doctor and staff. Had a great experience and feel my health is in very capable hands.

   — Frank Tomecek


Rapid feedback from the doctor interpreting the lab results and a great group of people in the office.

   — William Loyd


Dr. Galles spent 25 minutes or more addressing to health issues for me. This is the kind of care and attention that is rare these days. Highly recommend him!!

   — Pete


Friendly. Helpful. Very cherry for Monday morning!

   — Archie Burt


Doctor Galles and his current Nurse Vicki have always been extremely helpful regardless of the medical scenario. Jeff has been my primary Physician for 25 years, helped me through some personal medical conditions and always kept my health as the top priority. Great team and from my perspective very much appreciated.

   — James Mckenzie


Dr Galles was recommended to me by an acquaintance at my gym who is the head of an ER. I could not be happier or more thankful today. I had been in another large local system whose doctors had been steadily leaving and after going through 4 in less than 4 years, I switched to Dr Galles and Utica. I had several immediate issues which the Dr. helped with, and several referrals to surgeons - all of whom provided highly satisfactory help and expertise. His office and staff are great; attentive, fast, competent, and very nice. I love the My Chart e-system we use to communicate. Unlike the other system I was in, Utica doctors and staff actually use it, and together it adds a whole new dimension to a great healthcare experience. Dr. Galles is a highly knowledgeable doctor. He is very professional AND friendly, and amazingly connected. I’ve lived in 12 states, 3 countries, and also worked with multiple corporate medical clinics. Dr. Galles and his office and their system are simply top notch all around. Thank you!

   — Curt Larson


Excellent doctor. I've been seeing him for over 20 years.

   — George Horany


Wonderful people to have in you corner!!

   — Eddie Thrasher


Dr Galle's is awesome. He listens well. And makes me feel taken care of.

   — Carla Brooks


THE MOST passionate, caring and thoughtful doctor I EVER had! I highly recommend Dr. Galles to everyone looking for a primary care doctor. He listens (not just hears) your concerns or issues and never rushes through an appointment. You'll get the all the answers to your questions right then and there! My husband and I having been seeing Dr. Galles for a few years now and never been so happy and so healthy - medically and physically!

   — Barbara Oliver


Dr Galles spends plenty of time and listens. He and the staff also explain in detail what they want you to do and what they think is needed. Whiners will always be wanting the get better pill. Dr Galles is all about getting you back on the wellness path. I recommend you listen to him and he will be a Great asset to you well being.

   — Paul Schmidt


Dr Galles is really good. Sad part is Hillcrest needs fine tuning. Insurance is what stops Great Doctors like Dr Galles from doing better. He has you best interests in mind and does his damnest to provide you the best care he can.  I have used him now going on 3 years and it is a GREAT fit.

   — Paul S.


I'm 61 years old and have never had a good Dr. until I went to Jeffrey Galles. He is excellent, he listens and he gives you the hard facts that you need to hear. Utica Park Clinic is great as well, everyone there is very nice and understanding and they all have EXCELLENT customer service.

   — Paul Hagler


Excellent doctor! Always listens to my concerns.

   — John


I was seen quickly and courteously. Dr. Galles and His Nurse (Vicki) were very professional. They listened to My replies and concerns.

   — Mark S. Schemet


Dr Galles is an excellent practiciner. Is is very kind, knowledgeable, and an excellent listener.

   — Kathleen Runyon


My appointment was on time and Dr Galles was prompt and complete with his diagnoses and wanted to know if I had any other problems or questions. Very polite.

   — Larry Geer


Dr. Galles is an excellent, caring physician. He listens to my issues and explains treatments clearly in easy to understand terms.

   — Charlie


Office staff is friendly, patient, and helpful. Always with a smile. His nurse/assistant, Vicki I think was her name, was very pleasant and put me at ease right away. Dr. Galles was, as always, kind and showed a real interest in the things I wanted to discuss. Although I know his time with each patient is limited, he has never made me feel that I had to hurry up. He's been my doctor for well over 25 years, and I am so thankful for his professionalism and his reassurance when I am concerned about something. It was a lucky day when my family were assigned to him at UPC for a single visit, and we made him our PCP that same day. Thank you, Dr Galles!

   — Connie Gillis


I have been a patient of Dr Galles for many years and I have complete confidence in him.

   — Alan Weatherholt


I have been going to Dr, Galles for a couple of years now. His a really good Doctor. He takes time during my appointmnet to make sure everything is covered. We travel 2 hours to see him and it is well worth it. He has a very good staff also.

   — Stanley Fox


First visit a little awkward but second was great . Doesn’t jump into “let’s do a zillion tests and meds” ....

   — Sharyn


After seeing Dr. Galles for many years, I feel as though we understand one another better than in the beginning. He's an excellent healthcare provider and is quite knowledgeable in all areas of medicine. We had a rough start but I don't want anyone else as my primary physician! Thank you Dr. Galles.

   — Crystal Sinor


Dr. Galles is extraordinarily intelligent, knowledgeable and caring. He has been my physician for over 20 years and have 100% confidence in him. Would highly recommend trusting him for your health care needs.

   — Mark A

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