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Reviews for Evan Miller, APRN-CNP


Outstanding care and very efficient staff. I’ve been going to Dr Barker and Evan Miller for my back pain for a year now and am so happy with their care.

   — Mary Ellen Spinar


This was my first time meeting Evan. He was great. Very nice and personable. He answered all my questions. I only give a 4 star because his "nurse" or whoever brings your to the room and takes your BP and such, was not pleasant at all. Her name was Kaylee I believe . She came to the waiting room and opened the door in silence. I was filling out my paper and awkwardly decided to look up after a couple of seconds and asked if she was here for me. She very sarcastically responded yes. I got up and followed the rest of my interaction with her was either silence or to the point required questioning. I don't think she smiled even one time.

   — Dustin Stafford


Evan is knowledgeable and takes the time hear concerns as well as give opinion.

   — Barbara Penrose


His bedside manner is beyond any we have ever experienced. He immediately made us feel welcome and wanted to know what the trouble was. We will definitely go back and recommend him everyone we know. He was outstanding!

   — Katrina Cifuno


I was more than impressed with Evan Miller..... exceptionally kind and understanding and not pushy in any way. Enjoyed my visit with him and will see him again

   — Jan Todd


Evan Miller was very professional and thorough. He everything he was doing and why. The only negative about the visit was the wait time . I had an 8;15 appointment and wasn't called bac until past 8:35. Then when I went to leave it took another 15 minutes to check out due to only one person working the front desk.

   — Bobby Suiter


Knowledgeable, listened, caring, answered my questions

   — Mae Thomas


Dr. Evan Miller is very professional…answered all me concerns and questions with the terminology that was easy for a everyday person to understand…I would recommend Dr. Evan Miller to others for pain management…he knows his field of medicine…

   — MrMcgill9


Evan listens to everything and helps with his findings. Been seeing hime for about 3 years.

   — Rocco Russomano


Evan is very caring and always listens to me. I couldn't ask for a better pain management APRN.

   — Robert Searcy


Very kind and listened to my concerns

   — Allen


I have been seeing Dr. Evan Miller at the Owasso Utica Park Bailey Medical Facility for pain management over the last nine months since moving to Owasso from Arizona. Dr. Miller is an outstanding medical provider that exhibits the highest standards of care. He has done a excellent job in assuming my diagnosis and treatments. Dr. Miller thoroughly reviewed my past medical records from Arizona and developed a treatment plan that is working very well for me. He explains everything in great detail in a manner that is easy to understand which builds confidence in my treatment. My pain levels are decreasing without the use of any narcotics and I expect continuing improvements. I could not ask for any better medical care. Thank you Dr. Miller!

   — James Morris


Evan has been treating me for post op pain for a total knee replacement. His advice and patience has been excellent. He also treats me for pain in my right side. Again, he provides excellent advice and listens to me when I am explaining how the pain radiates, frequency etc. He is very professional and I feel that I am in good hands with Evan.

   — Karen


Mr. Miller was so nice and understanding, he was very attentive to My needs, he actually listend to my problems I am experiencing.Mr Miller explained everything he was going to do any why and what to expect. I really like this provider.

   — Tammie McFarley


Evan is always professional and cares about what I say about how I am feeling and my needs. He is very knowledgeable about what he is doing. He is my favorite PA that I see.

   — Faye Hollingsworth


Evan Miller was gracious, thorough, kind and warm. He handled my treatment assessment with care. We discussed possible options for my back after my knee situation gets addressed by the surgeon. I enjoy visits with him and Dr. Barker, they are both quality care providers. I look forward to seeing either of them each month.

   — DDildine


I've been a patient of Evan Miller's since March 2021. Evan is caring and listens to my concerns and needs. We both discuss my care plan. I believe he will become a great doctor. I would recommend Evan Miller to care for your needs.

   — Rolanda Horn

* Please note this list does not include reviews written by anonymous users