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Reviews for Diana M. Chen, M.D.


Dr Chen is a good doctor she cares about her patients.

   — Tony Craven


I have gone to Dr. Chen for about 20 years. She is a good listener, asks me questions to clarify, and spends time with me. I never feel rushed. She is knowledgeable and continues to learn to better help her patients.

   — Donna M.


Dr. Chen is the best Dr. I have ever used. She keeps up to date on health issues and I owe my long life to her. I am 94 and going strong!

   — Jeannette Rose


Dr Chen always takes whatever time is necessary to thoroughly discuss my situation. She’s incredibly bright and searches for answers until they are found.

   — Betsy


I drive over 75 miles to see Dr. Chen because, in my experience, she is a caring, thorough physician. I give her and her associates 5 stars.

   — K Brown


Been seeing her for over 15 years & I've told her and anybody else when I retell the knowledge I've learned from her that she is the smartest person I know. My mom is dying fm cancer and I try to get her to switch to her for her mental health, wish she would listen to me bc I know she could have her feeling better. Not that she had room for anyone else bc I'm sure she doesn't bc she is a wonderful dr and person . She once told me to accept being bipolar and take my meds Drs Orders! - I had strongly disagreed with Covid vaccines but bc I trust her - I did it. Thx u dr Chen for all you do for everyone !

   — Amy C


I've been seeing Dr Chen for almost 20 yrs now and even though I'm older, I'm in much better condition than I was when I came to her. She takes a very aggressive approach to figuring out what your problems are and gets you on the correct treatment while explaining everything to you. I absolutely love her!!! I have quality of life that I haven't had since my early 30's, and I'm almost 70 now.

   — Margie Silvers


I have been in Dr. Chen’s care for close to 20 years. She is an amazing and excellent provider. She listens to me and takes time with me. She is very thorough. She is a wealth of knowledge and very effective in medicines she prescribes. She is invested in my well being. She remembers my healing journey as well as, if not better, than me. She has helped me live my best life with multiple and complicated health issues. I highly respect and recommend her.

   — Carolyn Redbird


when i first came to Dr. chen my overall health was poor, she has patiently guided me towards a better health outcome. she takes time with me and listens to my concerns.

   — Marsha H


You can't get higher quality than Dr. Diana Chen. She really cares. She really listens. She continues her education and she takes time to discern the pathway that is just right for her patients. Dr. Chen has brought next level health to me, my husband, my daughter. my brother and his wife. Our lives will be much more vibrant and full as we age because of her expertise. If she;'s still taking patients you won't be sorry.

   — Lorna Reynolds


Dr. Chen is the best dr. I've ever had. She is caring. She takes time with her patients and make me feel like her only patient.

   — Hazel Roundtree


Dr. Chen is outstanding! She takes so much time with her patients to answer questions and carefully analyze test results and health history. She has been my doctor for almost two decades, and value her expertise and compassion.

   — D Marianne Blair


I just happen to choose dr. Chen as my dr. I got very lucky. She's very knowledgeable an extremely intelligent. She was professional.

   — Shelly Lewis


Dr. Chen is fantastic! I have only seen her twice and I am already feeling better than I have in years. She actually listens to you, and she truly wants to help you feel better. I am only sorry that I did not get to her sooner.

   — Judy


Extremely pleased to have an internal medicine specialist ask the multitude of questions and offer the insight that Dr. Chen did on my first visit to establish myself as a new patient. Having Hashimotos and insomnia, I have many other issues that have stemmed from both, of which we now have a go forward plan to tackle.

   — Happy In T-Town


Dr. Chen cares. She spends a lot of personal time with me and listens to what I tell her. She is patient and non-judgmental. She does everything she can to get to the primary problem. I always feel better physically and mentally when I leave her office. Dr. Chen cares.

   — Mica Wheeler


Dr. Chen is very attentive and shows concern for my overall well being. She takes time to explain and make recommendations for ongoing wellness.

   — Debra A Williams


Excellent. She talks to me and listens to my feedback. I belief she is a life saver. She convinced me to pay more attention to my food and medical concerns. I've worn a c-pap for some time now, and I sleep better and feel better than ever (in my old age).

   — Gordon L Nielsen


Dr Diana Chen is the best! She doesn't rush your appointment. She actually listens to what you have to say & includes you in deciding on your treatment.

   — AuntKarkar


Dr Diana Chen is the best! She doesn't rush your appointment. She actually listens to what you have to say & includes you in deciding on your treatment.

   — Karin Phelps Williams


Dr. Chen has been my physician for many years. She is a great doctor. She explains what you need to do. Her entire office staff is great. Thanks to the best medical provider.

   — Mellony J Alexander


Been with Dr Chen for over 20 years. She's absolutely the best! Very thorough & caring. I love it when she looks at me over her glasses & says "I can fix you". She does & then some.

   — Leslie White


Absolutely the most thorough physician I have ever seen. Great bedside manner as well.

   — Michael Bailey


Love Dr Chen; she is the smartest physician I have ever been to. I believe that she sees herself as a physician-engineer / looking at all the working parts of the human body and how each part works together. Great diagnostician and she cares about her patients. I am an RN and have met a lot of doctors. Dr Chen is in my top 1%.

   — Beth DeSilva


Hands down best doc

   — Lauren White


Dr Diana Chen is the most caring doctor I have ever met. She follows my conditions closely and has motivated me towards better health. She takes time to listen to issues and processes them into reasonable recommendations. (I thought about keeping her a secret, because they just don't make doctor's like her).

   — Penny Schaefer


This doctor saved my life 20 years ago. She really is the best doctor I ever had.

   — Bgorum


Best doctor I ever seen.

   — Joan Van Allen-Gibson


Dr. Chen has been able to successfully diagnose and treat numerous long term conditions for me! I am feeling great now that my health is under control again!

   — Stephanie A


Dr. Chen keeps up with all new advances in medicine. She strives to help me have the best quality of life that I can have at age 88. She is the BEST!

   — Claremore, OK

* Please note this list does not include reviews written by anonymous users