Reviews for Darren Vargas, D.O.


I always recommend Dr. Vargas to all my friends and family. Dr. Vargas was my obgyn for my last 2 kids. My other two children were seen by other Dr's and the care was completely different. Dr. Vargas and his nurse Ruth was always respectful, patient and took great care of me. With Dr. Vargas I always felt heard and never rushed with his appointments. He was always open and logical with my care. He worked great with the labor and delivery team for both my pregnancies too. Because of him I got to leave the hospital with my son! My water was leaking and he realized it quickly. Had me go to L&D to confirm and sure enough it was. I had my son at 3 in the morning. He actually was delivered still in his sac and was blue and not breathing. But DR Vargas acted so fast and instructed the team confidently, they had my son breathing shortly after. Even though I live in another town I will continue to go back to Dr. Vargas.

   — Naly


When I say I have seen numerous doctors who didn’t listen, I mean it. This guy heard my issues from the get go and we came up with a plan. He was very understanding and knowledgeable. He explained my surgery (which was 2 years ago) to me clearly and everything went great. He has continued to answer any questions. If you have any hormonal issues he is the doctor is see! The entire staff is kind and genuine. I cannot recommend him enough to other females! I pray he doesn’t move like most good Doctors in Oklahoma end up doing. If you’re looking for a Doctor who will listen to your concerns, and offer the treatment you really need, he is it!

   — Ximena Robledo


There were some communication issues at first but over all Dr. Vargas listened to all my concerns before and after surgery. My incisions look great. His surgery team was wonderful from nurses to anesthesiologists.

   — Katherine Lucas


Dr Vargas listens and always sticks to what you feel comfortable with regarding your birth plan. He is most definitely the most attentive and caring doctor that I've been around. He helped me deliver my second born

   — Sarah Long


Dr.Vargas is exceptional!! I was a first- time mom, and he was attentive, thorough, and caring throughout my pregnancy and delivery.

   — Samantha VanMeter


He's delivered my second baby, I wish I could've had him for my first pregnancy too! he's very knowledgable and reassuring! I felt very comfortable even tho I usually prefer being seen by women. I have high anxiety and my experience went extremely well. I was able to have the birthing experience that I wanted and wouldn't have changed a thing. Highly recommend Dr Vargas! he was very positive, empathetic, and if I ever have another baby I'll be seeing him again!

   — Hillary Beckwith


Everyone in this office is just wonderful!! Dr Vargas is the best and his nurse Ruthie is also, from the front office to the back. Everyone is very kind and takes time with you, I would recommend this office very highly!! They are all the best!!

   — Phyllis Cantrell


Dr. Vargas made me feel very comfortable with my procedure and answered any and all questions I had. Surgery was a little longer due to scar tissue. I would recommend him to anyone.

   — Owasso


I’m going to be honest, I was scared to have a male OB/GYN, I had never had one and thought it would feel uncomfortable, but Dr.Vargas made me feel comfortable, I never felt weird like I thought I would. He was the best doctor I’ve ever had, he listened to my wants for my pregnancy and delivery, and never made me feel judged, I always felt heard. He worked with me to let me have the experience I wanted. I greatly appreciate him and will recommend him to everyone I know!

   — Kierstin Keys


Edited to add: I had my hysterectomy yesterday. Dr Vargas came to check on me twice. Has an amazing bedside manner, listed to all questions that were asked, and answered them in detail. Couldn’t have had a better doctor to take care of me during this. Highly recommend scheduling with Dr. Vargas for your OBGYN needs. I have been struggling for years. In an immense amount of pain daily. Cramping, back pain and other things. Previous doctors put a Band-Aid on my symptoms and for the past 5 years, I have suffered and thought that this is just how it is going to have to be. Then, I was referred to Dr. Vargas. He listened to me, told me WHY I was having so much pain and he will be performing my hysterectomy, as he knows it is what is needed. I am thankful to finally have a doctor that cares and is not just giving a temporary fix. My quality of life will be so much better when this is done. I am incredibly thankful to have a truly caring doctor. Ready to finally be pain free!

   — Barbara Evans


Dr. Vargas is by far the most compassionate and attentive OBGYN I've had. You can tell he truly cares about his patients and his practice. He listens to concerns, takes time to explain things, and does everything he can to make the experience comfortable. Had it not been for my insurance changing and having to find a new OBGYN, I would have been a lifelong patient of Dr. Vargas.

   — Savanna Tryon


Dr. Vargas was the most amazing and attentive doctor i have ever met. At the beginning of my pregnancy i had a hard time finding the right doctor for me, as i am a young single mom. I went through a few as i knew i needed to be comfortable with my doctor. Dr. Vargas did more than make me feel comfortable. He made me feel heard, valued and strong. I would recommend him to any and everyone. I had the most amazing experience with my birth and postpartum. Such a sweet and caring man. Thank you Dr. Vargas for delivering my perfect angel.

   — Kelsey Raper


My daughter is a high risk pregnancy due to having type 1 diabetes. She is currently his patient and we couldn't be happier. She is 19, scared, nervous, and has anxiety. Dr. Vargas is so kind and compassionate. He makes her feel at ease, takes his time when seeing her and explains everything in detail so she will understand. It's not only him that's amazing. Everyone from the receptionists out front, the nurses and the lady who checks you out after the appointment is amazing. They are all very sweet and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Vargas and trust him with my most precious gift from God; My daughter.

   — Jennifer Eden


Absolutely fantastic treatment by Dr. Vargas and everyone else in the office today. I was so nervous about some health concerns and he set me at ease by going above and beyond. Attentive and caring, definitely recommend!

   — DarkPrincess


Came here trying to find a Gynecologist who would take us without insurance. I could not have picked a better spot or doctor. Dr. Vargas was absolutely incredible, attentive, and seemed willing to help in every single way he could. His nurse was also amazing and attentive. The entire staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. Dr. Vargas has no idea how much better he made us feel. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I couldn’t recommend him enough

   — Sean Anstett


Dr. Vargas is a great doctor. He is professional, kind and compassionate. He listens and communicates well. I am happy I found this ob-gyn.

   — R. Pringle


Dr. Vargas is very kind and is passionate about what he does. He listens well and gives a detailed plan of care. I feel very comfortable with him, he's laid back and easy to talk to. He's awesome!

   — Kathryn McCurdy


Dr. Vargas was exceptionally kind, professional, and caring. I highly recommend him as an outstanding gynecologist.

   — Ava Vivion

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