Reviews for Christopher Lynch, M.D.


I had a wonderful first experience today! The staff were all friendly and helpful. Dr Lynch Really put my mind at ease and was very professional. I highly recommend this clinic and physician.

   — Amber Sessions


Great provider. He knew and understood exactly what my issues were and explained my options to me clearly. The office staff was very polite and communicated any potential delays.

   — Margarita Jimenez


Dr. Lynch was caring, thorough, and followed through with all we discussed at my appt. And this review is after the colonoscopy!

   — Rach Land


Dr. Lynch and his staff were wonderful at explaining everything and making you feel comfortable with a future colonoscopy.

   — David C


This was my first time to visit Dr. Lynch and I was extremely impressed with him. He listened to my questions and concerns and provided answers that I could understand. He spent time going over previous results and was not in the “typical” rush to see the next patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone having issues with their liver.

   — Laurie Ridgway


Dr. Lynch was personable, informative and offered hope. Finally, a physician who actually cares and is willing to share the knowledge.

   — Sissy Barr


Dr. Lynch has been great! He make a bad situation more bearable with his knowledge and sense if caring. I would recommend him to anyone needing help.

   — Jim Dodson


Excellent physician. Spent lots of time and really listened to me. His knowledge and passion for his work is evident. Office staff was very professional, kind and caring as well. Just a 5 star experience all the way around.

   — Kimberly Norman


I have a rare auto-immune disease, am immunocompromised, and had a screening colonoscopy with Dr. Lynch at a time when I was highly vulnerable to Covid. Dr. Lynch explained what he special steps he would take regarding my auto-immune disease and provided a comfortable and safe procedure for me.

   — Renee Kaplan


Had my first colonoscopy this week with Dr Lynch. He is great to visit with and explained the process of the procedure and what to expect. Just talking to him before having the colonoscopy I was really at ease. All of his staff were very good and I was comfortable before and after the procedure. I also feel he was very thorough and would highly recommend Dr Lynch for anyone needing a colonoscopy.

   — Chas E.


Dr Lynch has always had utmost care and attention to my health AND comfort. I have some issues that he always remembers and takes care of every detail he can in the best way.

   — LISA Landman


The most caring doctor I've ever had!

   — The White's


Dr. Lynch was very thorough in the care I received. He listened to my concerns, ordered more testing and made recommendations in a very timely manner. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.

   — Samantha Monk


I was impressed at how well he remembered our conversation at an appointment in 2019, and how he developed a plan of new things to try to solve my digestive issues.

   — Pam Snodgrass


While waiting for Dr Lynch to see my husband, I read the Google reviews and was literally in tears laughing at all the nonsense. While you may spend quite a while to get to see him, you will NEVER KNOW he has other patients waiting when he is in the room with you one-on-one! Dr Lynch was ABOVE attentive & patient. He made things that would typically be awkward to talk about, very easy & not at all embarrassing. His plan of approach was thorough and effective. He took a great deal of time explaining options, procedures, and tests; and spent even more time listening. If you are upset that you had to wait for this Dr and didn’t feel like you got 1000% benefit from said wait, then you may need to reevaluate your expectations and do some research on the realities of those expectations. If Dr Lynch is running late I can with certainty assure you that he spent his precious time working in an emergency patient , or explaining to a worried and sick patient what is happening to their bodies and feverishly finding a plan of action to try to manage and fix it. His kindness and compassion is for and above MOST. (Also with noting that during the pandemic when the world was losing their mind, the medical community was hit the hardest with back logged scheduling issues. This back log was definitely reflected in most physician’s waiting rooms...not just this one.) We have a family member with multiple health issues and multiple (24) surgeries. We are well versed in the medical arena and have spent countless hours in waiting rooms, Dr offices, and hospitals. I am more qualified then most to rate and review physicians and this one is far and above the norm. My husband and I could not be happier with his care and would recommend Dr Lynch to ANYONE who needs an exceptional gastro physician. Dr Lunch is an incredible physician and you we could not be happier to have found him! Truly one of the BEST we’ve met (and we’ve met a TON!)

   — Cheryl Srader


Dr. Lynch and staff was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable at my visit. Would highly recommend this provider.

   — Vicki Henderson


I felt like Dr. Lynch listened to me. He didn’t rush me in and out even though he was running behind schedule. He treated me like a person, not a number.

   — Mandi Brown


Dr. Lynch was incredibly friendly. He knew what my problem was, got only necessary tests done and referred me to the perfect surgeon for the job and I am feeling so much better for the 1st time in about 20 years. I have been miserable my entire adult life. He listened to me, didn't make me jump through unnecessary hoops and helped me fix the problem. I'm very grateful and would definitely recommend him and use him again if needed.

   — Michelle P


Great patient service, Dr. Lynch is awesome, takes the time to talk about issues and gets things done as needed.

   — Kelly Dixon


Amazing staff!

   — Cherie' Frank


Dr. Lynch gets right down to it with a good bedside manner. Very down to earth, thorough & has the ability to get down on the patients’ level….answering questions & explaining things in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend Dr. Lynch.

   — Janie Livingston


From the beginning to the end I really did have a 5 star treatment Dr lynch had great professional manner and anesthesia along w nurses I really had a great experience ( even though it was a colonoscopy)

   — Sheila Hill


Dr Lynch and his entire staff are all excellent at their job. Albeit the procedure he performs my not be the most pleasant, he and his support staff make everything absolutely as comfortable as possible and are very in tune with patient needs. He and his group of support techs, nurses and anesthesiologists almost make the entire experience fun, definitely taking the edge off and making you as comfortable as possible!

   — Steve Pray


Dr. Lynch is very professional, knowledgeable, and informative. The entire procedure was a great experience. He explains the findings in a clear and understanding way.

   — S Riggs


I’d been to Dr Lynch in 2016 for an EGD and went back to him for another EGD and colonoscopy in 2021. He was great both times, I would highly recommend him.

   — Tbraugh


Excellent patient care and explanation before the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Lynch and certainly see him again when needed.

   — Sam Hill


Dr. Lynch is amazing! He truly cares for his patients. He takes the time to listen to you. I was seen at a local hospital for severe pain in my lower right abdomen. They didn't know what was wrong with me or how to treat me. They would just give me pain meds and send me home. After suffering for over a year, I was finally referred to Dr. Lynch. Within a few weeks, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Dr. Lynch prescribed Humira injections in March of 2019 and haven't had a flare up since. I can't thank Dr. Lynch enough for all he's done for me!

   — Barbara Minnick


He's an AWESOME doctor. He is down to earth and cares deeply about his patients. His staff is awesome too. There kind and compassionate and will do anything for you. Thank you to Dr. Lynch and his staff for everything do!

   — Vicki Mohl



   — Paul L. Pickle


Have been going to doctors for the past 10+ years to find a solution to my GI problem and no doctor figured it out. I went to Dr. Lynch recently and he basically knew what was wrong that day. He did a colonoscopy with biopsy’s and it showed that it was microscopic colitis. Now I am being treated and would like to thank him for figuring it out. He and his staff were very thorough and caring. Very, very thankful for his knowledge. Also want to thank Dr. Kondos and Whitney Reid, PA for sending me to him.

   — Celia Fitzgibbon


Very knowledgeable and personable. He takes time to explain things to you and is very kind.

   — Ragsdale


My experience with Dr. Lynch was awesome. He was professional without being cold, he was timely without seeming rushed & he was very thorough explaining exactly what was going to happen before & after my procedure. I felt well informed & taken care of. Much appreciated 🙏 Shannon Fletcher

   — Shannon Fletcher


Dr Lynch was able to make a connection with my 16 year old and help us through a very difficult process. We received great care.

   — Rachel Dodson


I felt like Dr Lynch really listened to my concerns. I did not feel rushed. He was very knowlegeable and after switching to him from another gastroenterolgist, i was much more comfortable in his care.

   — Mary M


Great place and a great doctor

   — Charles Marshall


Dr. Lynch is the only GI doctor to listen so well, so smart and so kind and understanding. His bedside manner is great and he found out from his colleagues as to where the best out of state specialists to send me to and he couldn’t have found a better place to go. Nebraska med center has helped me way more than anybody in OK. I’m so thankful that he is so kind and listens to everything your saying and appreciates that you know what your body feels like and what your “normal” is and what’s not. I recommend him to every single person needing a GI doctor. I’ve gone through my fair share of OKlahoma GI specialists and Lynch is by FAR the best for unusual patients!

   — Amy


Great experience! I would definitely recommend Dr. Lynch.

   — Dale Tune


Dr. Lynch was very nice. He was 15 min late but apologized. He was very thorough in his explanation of what to expect for the procedure. The only reason I didn't give my review 5 stars was because of the bill I received. I was charged $344 for "office outpatient new 45 minutes". 1- I spent a total of 20 minutes with the Dr. 2- $344 is outrageous to charge for an office visit. I called Blue Cross to complain about the cost and they said their negotiated price was $222.72 which is reflected on the bill. Since I hadn't met my deductible, I was forced to pay $222.72 for a 20 minute consultation. I am VERY unhappy about that. If I had known it was going to be that expensive, I would have skipped the consult and shown up at the hospital for the procedure.

   — Jeanie Pennington


He's very polite, he takes care of his patients .I couldn't ask for a better specialist, he made me feel comfortable and more relaxed not scared or worried about what was going on.

   — Amanda Mankiller


Dr. Lynch is awesome. He was straightforward and treated me like family. He is honest and upfront which is beneficial when he is doing your colonoscopy. He is quick to respond and highly intelligent. I would refer my daughter to him when she is of age to get her colonoscopy check.

   — Sara C


Have never had such immediate, personal care snd attention. Goes above and beyond. Had called me at home with information. Dr. Lynch is a mench. Highly recommend him.

   — G. C. Sevier


Has been spot on with my diagnosis and treatment

   — Donna DeVore


Very thorough and concerned. Does not order unnecessary testing. I found him to be a very intelligent person.

   — Mary Duncan


Dr. Lynch is a very caring doctor, took time to explain all things going on. Live his bedside manner.

   — Stacy R. Berglund

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