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Reviews for Chrissi Martin, APRN-CNP


She has been the best Primary Care I’ve had and has helped me correct my health issues by referring me to a Dr. to resolve health issues . She is through and does not say something is not wrong with me. She is straight forward and helps me understand any health issues I have . Also , she explains what is wrong in a way I understand . I would Highly reccomend her to anyone .

   — Linda J Dyche


Absolutely one of the most welcoming clinics ever! From the reception desk to the medical assistant to The lab to Chrissi Martin! I have never felt so welcomed and important as everyone made me feel here! I’ll recommend this clinic to everyone ❤️

   — Autumn Coppola


Chrissi Martin was one of the most caring Primary Care individuals I have had the pleasure of taking care of my medical needs! She is knowledgable and concerned about her patients! My son and I moved here from Mississippi and my son had in the past taken his daughter to a doctor at the Utica Park Clinic. We randomly chose Ms Martin and could not have picked anyone better! If by chance we were to move back to Broken Arrow we most definitely would choose to again see Chrissi! Her medical staff and office personal were always pleasant and helpful! You are always seen promptly at appointment time . Out of a scale of 1-10 she"s a 15!

   — Peggy Lindley


A special shout out to Martha at the front desk at the Utica Park Clinic North Broken Arrow for helping me reset the MyChart app. She was very patient and helpful and I took up way too much of her time. Thank you to Christine Martin for referring me to physical therapy. The exercise regime they set up has helped relieve knee and back pain and will prevent hip breaks and Dowager's hump that my mother had in old age. Appreciate her patience also!

   — Karen Carlton


Chrissi is great. She listened to my concerns and took care of every one of them. She is thorough and knowledgeable. I am grateful for her assistance.

   — Linda Ghaziosharif (Linda Gee)


Very compassionate & caring. I never felt rushed, and felt she truly listened to my concerns.

   — Kathryn Cheyne


She is super nice!

   — Jack Rogers


Christine is always helpful and caring. She the first one I ask for if I can’t see my regular physician.

   — Jeanette


My first appointment and I LOVED IT! The facility was clean as expected, but the staff were friendly and attentive, something I was not used to from the other larger hospital-associated facility where we had been receiving care. Chrissi Martin was very thorough, and pleasant. I’m so glad Blue Cross & Shield had us switch, they had our best interest in mind and so does Chrissi Martin and associates!

   — Carolyn Gordon


I like that Chrissi took time to call and talk to me personally when i was ill

   — Anthony Conway


Christie and staff were awesome. She listens, she reviews, she confirms what you are telling her. She discusses the options there are. She is very through. And, she has a great sense of humor!

   — Jody


My daughter and I both see Chrissi. She is very thorough, empathetic and I never feel rushed during my visits. I like her better than any previous provider that I have gone to. I recommend her to anyone looking for a kind and capable clinician.

   — Katie JACKSON


My daughter and I both see Chrissi. She is very thorough, empathetic and I never feel rushed during my visits. I like her better than any previous provider that I have gone to. I recommend her to anyone looking for a kind and capable clinician.

   — Katie Jackson


she listens to everything you say

   — Diane Holder


She rates 5 stars with me. All issues were addressed and she was a good llstener and very caring. A video visit during covid worked well.

   — Karen Carlton


The visit was for what I would consider a fairly routine issue and an anticipated referral to an ENT. She was knowledgeable and two prescriptions were forwarded promptly to the pharmacy I use (many doctors are unreliable in that area).

   — Baldachi


Great help in trying to work out what was ailing me. Very compassionate.

   — Aubrey Green


For years I had been seeing another primary care doctor through Utica Park. I needed surgery for an issue and other medical issues. I finally decided to find another doctor because I wasn't getting better and not getting that feeling that I mattered..you know just another name on a file....so...I took a chance with C.Martin, and the difference is night and day. SHE LISTENED TO ME !!!!! and that made all the difference. My diabetes is under control. I have an endocrinologist to work with my diabetes. SHE CARES ❤...My daughter was having the same issues with our previous doctor and she is now seeing Chrissi...She loves her...one if the best decisions ever !

   — Cheryl


I LOVE her and her medical assistant. They are so friendly and they don’t rush you. ❤️

   — Amanda Terry


I recently have been experiencing pain in the right rib cage and abdomen. When I called for an appointment I was not going to be able to see my regular Primary Care Physician. So, I took an appointment with Christina Martin. I was very impressed by her willingness to hear me out and get to the root of the problem. She formed a plan of intervention with me and order the necessary tests. I had just returned home when the phone rang. It was the hospital calling to schedule an ultrasound. How fast is that? I would recommend her. She did an excellent job!

   — Rhonda G.

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