Reviews for Chad Crawley, D.O.


My name is Richard Simons like Simon says and I want people to know just how GREAT Dr Crawley and the whole team at Utica Park orthopedics are. I have needed my knee replacement since the late 90’s and finally have had it done. From initial visit to completion I have been treated as a patient not just a number. To give you an idea of how many orthos ive been to, I’m 197.9% permanent partial disabled adjudicated by work related injury. I’m also disabled through my service, 86-94 Army, now on SSI due to all combined injuries. I’ve seen many orthopedic surgeons and non surgeons. I didn’t make this decision lightly and I’m far better for it. Dr Crawley is hands down the best. As a patient I wouldn’t refer anyone to another Dr. if you’re looking for the best I can only hope that you have him because of his high standards he puts on himself. He truly wants to heal you so you only see him once. His passion comes out in the OR and his competence is just stellar. I recommend him and his team of professionals to heal you not just treat you. Thank you for your time

   — Richard Simons


Went back for my 1 year review of my total hip replacement, Dr. Crawley did an excellent job, my hip is like new , and takes the time to explain everything so you can understand what's happening. Thanks 😊

   — Rose Terry


Dr Crawley and Clint Cator are amazing in their care for me. Had first hip replacement in January of this year. Pain relief and mobility improved beyond my expectations. Having the other hip replacement surgery next week and am very excited. I am so hopeful my days of chronic pain and difficulty walking will be over. Thank you Dr Crawley, Clint Cator and the entire staff. Thank you for helping to give me back my life.

   — Gloria Boos


Dr. Crawley is the best! I had my total knee replacement after having a lot of pain. I pride myself in being very active in gardening, dancing, and walking but was disappointed when I could no longer do those things. It's good to be back on the "good foot"! Thank you Dr. Crawley and your wonderful staff for all you do!

   — Rosa Jernigan


Dr Crawley did a total knee replacement on my right knee. My knee healed well and I can walk now without falling all the time. I highly recommend him.

   — Gail Madewell


Dr. Crawley and Clint Cator are the most amazing Dr.s ever Dr. Crawley done a total knee replacement on my left knee oct 3rd 2022 and my right knee on Feb 15th this ur and I can already tell the difference it's making in my life. I recommend Dr. Crawley to anyone needing a knee replacement

   — Linda Gail Madron


I suffered from a damaged right hip due to a sports injury dislocation when I was 12 years old. I periodically had sever pain for many years. I was told at age 60 that I had osteo arthritis and would need my hip replaced soon. At age 68 the pain had gotten to the point that some days I couldn't walk at all. At age 70, Doctor Crawley replaced my right hip on 11/28/22. It has now been 2 months and I am walking pain free for the first time in over 50 years. My surgery and my Hillcrest hospital stay were outstanding. I am so happy. It has changed my life. Best experience ever. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Crawley and your wonderful support staff.

   — Neil Pittman


Had both knees done one year apart. At 80+ I am back up to walking 3 miles per day. The most important thing, do the therapy and listen to Dr. Chad and Clint, they really know what they are doing.

   — Jerry Tegen


I will say I love doctor crawley he has help me when I was in my wreck in 10-10-10 he made the professional decision to send me to okc to the ou medical center due to the fact that he didn't have the medical equipment to remove my mental plate in my hip if he had the equipment he would have done it in mcalester at the mcalester regional health center and I wouldn't have to go to Oklahoma city the only complaint I have is when I sleep on left my hip, my right hip goes numb I can't figure out why my left hip goes numb when I lay on my right side

   — Heidi And Bella The Service Pup


Excellent doctor. It's a great experience going to Dr Crawley's office. He sits down and talks to you about your problem, options and he doesn't act rushed. He is very respectful. He knows what he is doing. He did arthroscopic surgery on my knee 22 months ago and said it might get me by a couple of years before needing a knee replacement. I'm having the knee replacement in 3 weeks. He guessed it pretty close. I highly recommend him.

   — Mickey Ballard


I’ve had both knees replaced by Dr.Crawley. If not for him I’d be sitting in a chair the rest of my life. Both surgeries went amazingly well and I’m now able to do most things I could do before my knees went bad. I’d recommend Dr. Crawley to everyone. Thank you Chad!!

   — David Buss


Dr. Crawley is an awesome doctor! He's easy to talk to, speaks in terms that the average person can understand, and listens very well to his patients concerns. I've had several different Orthopedic docs in the past, but none has made me feel as comfortable as Dr. Crawley.

   — Tye Weaver


Dr Crowley did a complete hip replacement on me over 3 yrs ago & I'm so very happy with it!! He & his staff are absolutely wonderful! He is such a caring & skilled surgeon!! I was walking without a cane in 3 weeks after the surgery!! He gave me my life back!! I highly recommend him!! Thank you again Dr. Crowley!!!!!!

   — Linda Adame


Highly recommend. I will definitely use him again. The process was very efficient and I didn't have to wait very long to get the surgery.

   — Joshua Vernon


Shout out to Dr Crawley, Clint Cator! When I had my first visit a year ago, it was nothing short of amazing. Both of these gentlemen truly care and listen to any questions or concerns I have. The journey from being in unbearable pain, to having both knees replaced, to being totally pain free has been a total life changer for me. I cannot thank them enough for this. New knees, new me!!!!

   — Jennifer Sams


Dr. Chad Crawley is the most AMAZING DOCTOR that there is on this earth. He is kind, nice and doesn't talk to you like you are be neath him. He talks to you like you are equal to him. And he explains everything that is going on. We love you you Dr. Chad Crawley keep up the good work. One of your patience; Ramona Holland- Frederick

   — Ramona Frederick


Surgery went as scheduled. Recovery is going as planned. Great surgeon and staff.

   — Gladys Malaby


In for hip replacement. Anesthesia, surgery and nursing staff all very good. Thank you all

   — Terril Allyn


Dr Crowley is one of the most caring and thorough doctors you will ever meet. He did the most wonderful job on my hip replacement. I have my life back and I never thought that was possible. Also his staff are awesome too. Thank you all so much! Mary Arnold.

   — Mary Arnold


I had a knee replacement on July I 2020 by Dr Crawley The recovery was nothing less than remarkable Hats off to Clint Catur PA-C who also works very hard with follow up appointments My incision has healed completely something I was concerned about since I am a poor healer The whole process was easier & better than anyone expected My physical therapist was impressed with my recovery I would recommend Dr Crawley to anyone

   — Linda Daugherty


A MIRACLE WORKER! Dr. Crawley resurfaced my patella and I feel brand new! He did surgery on a Monday and by Saturday, I was already behind the wheel! After being in pain for a year, I can't thank him enough!! Would definitely recommend him to everyone!

   — Madi Rodriguez


Lindsey was able to schedule me for an appointment. She was helpful and friendly.

   — Kay Herrs


Good at what he does. He and his staff were amazing in so many ways!

   — Gerald Garrett


Dr Chad performed meniscus surgery on my left knee. I was off crutches in 2 days. Very happy with the way he and his staff treated me. A very nice Dr to deal with.

   — Limeyosu2000


Dr, Crawley knew immediately the source of pain that had been lasting for 2 years. He was able to get the pain treated and now my husband is pain free. He is great.

   — Debbi Schmidt


Dr Crawley has a great bedside manner! He explains what is wrong and let’s you know your options to fix it . I feel like I’m in great hands .

   — Lashelle Vail


Dr.crawley, Thank you so much , you have done both my hips so far, your staff is wonderful and I have to mention your nurse Clint he was very good as well, couldn't have ask for better care , again thank you ! Your a 5 in my books. Love you and your staff.

   — Doris Taylor


Great doctor in every way. Couldn't have asked for more with my knee replacement surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Crawley. Kind, professional, outgoing and thorough in explaining all procedures.

   — Kathleen Emerson


Doctor Chad Crawley has been a lifesaver for my husband. He really cares for his patients takes time to explain everything that he is going to do in surgery. We want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

   — Teresa Navarro


Dr. Crawley has made having a broken leg the easiest it could possibly be. He's got a great bedside manner, is thorough and kind and genuinely cares about his patients. I've seen him three times in three weeks due to weird issues/problems with my leg and he's genuinely helped me so much. Before seeing him for the first time, I was pretty nervous, as my last orthopedic surgeon experience wasn't great. (Granted, it was about 15 years ago.) Upon meeting him, he instantly put me at ease and answered all of my questions. His staff is so kind and helpful and even though he sees a lot of patients and moves quickly, the wait time isn't bad at all (5-20 minutes has been my experience) and he's very thorough even though it's obvious that he's busy and a highly sought after doctor. I'm so grateful to him and his entire staff; I highly recommend him!

   — Summer

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