Reviews for Candy N. Ting, D.O.


Wonderful sweet lady who wants to help you with your needs. She does a great job helping me with my ailments. My only complaint is the wait time past my scheduled appointment. She's worth the wait but I wish scheduling was more accurate.

   — Prince Reed


All of her staff is wonderful. I will not go anywhere else for a PCP. She did blood work right there in the office. They also did an xray on my foot in the office. She gives vaccines. What more could a patient ask for?????

   — D White


I was a student with Dr. Ting last fall and my time with her was amazing. She knows her patients so well and truly cares for them. Dr. Ting would spend extra time with many of our patients to help explain things and make sure she covered everything. We worked through lunch almost every day and she was often the last provider in the office because she hated to turn a patient away without a thorough workup.

   — James Burns


Outstanding need, I say more.

   — T Thompson


Dr Ting always listens to my concerns and makes recommendations appropriate for my needs. Compassionate, empathetic and takes the time to review and explain test results and her medical evaluation in understandable lay terms. Staff is pleasant and courteous. Had some issues getting insurance billing number changed from one provider to another, but we got it resolved. Wait time can be long, but still it's worth the wait! I appreciate getting routine lab tests in office and not having to make an additional trip to another location. I definitely appreciate receiving affiliated test results and reports online in MyChart!

   — Catherine


I absolutely love Dr Ting. She takes excellent care of me. I honestly credit her for getting my health issues all addressed. She never rushes me. She is pleasant and through and caring. I never want another Doctor

   — Debbie Tyler


I have been going to Dr. Ting for a number of years and am glad for her as my primary care physician.

   — Brian Cordova


Long wait times, but its okay because once your called back she takes time to listen and to explain things

   — John W Spurlock


Dr Ting is a wonderful doctor. She takes excellent care of me. She actually listens to my concerns. Never rushes our visit and is always accessable. I would recommend her highly.

   — Debbie Tyler


Dr Ting and her staff. Are always pleasant and greet you with smile. Dr Ting always listen to your concern about your health and issues. She goes above and beyond to help you. I refer her to everyone and people who haven't been in to the doctor in months. Also Eric Arnett NP. He is very good as well. I just want to say this Utica Park Clinic location is awesome.

   — Stephanie Gray


I have been Dr Ting's loyal patient since 1998 when I had a life-threatening mass in my chest that multiple doctors had ignored because it didn't show up on standard tests. She takes the time to listen and treat the whole person. I HATE that she is micromanaged by Utica Park which requires she see too many patients per day but I gladlywait because I know she is giving each patient her attention.

   — Ifitistobedoit


Dr. Ting takes her patients care seriously and for that reason, she stays busy. However when you go into see her, she does not rush. She takes her time to find out what the issues maybe and comes up with a plan of action.

   — Working Mom


Dr. Ting is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She listens closely and treats the whole person rather than just focusing on a single issue. I recommend Dr. Ting to family and friends frequently and trust her treatment options for me and for those in my life.

   — MMH


Took over care after I aged out of Pediatrics.

   — SJ77


Dr. Ting is an amazing doctor and person! She has taken care of me for years and also cares for my elderly parents! She LISTENS, REALLY LISTENS!!!! I wouldn't trust anyone else but her....with my life!!! It's an honor to even know her much less for her to be my doctor! THANK YOU DR. TING!

   — Victoria Molencupp


Dr Ting is very attentive and honest about all of my concerns and questions. I feel very comfortable around her, she takes her time to know everything is take care of for me every time I go to see her. Sometimes it takes long time to get inside the office but I wont change doctor just for that reason.

   — Liliana G


I'm 62 years old so I've had several doctors and Dr. Ting is the best I've ever had. She really listens to you unlike so many doctors now. She is a very caring person and has helped me tremendously.

   — Reta Lane


Dr. Ting is the epitome of what a doctor should be. She cares about your long-term health, not just an alleviation of the current symptom. She has a perfect mix of natural remedy suggestions and medication. As a chiropractor I have worked with many medical doctors. She has to be one of the best.

   — David Kats


She is an excellent Doctor and I'm lucky to have her as my primary care. And glad I'm in the Utica Park patients group.

   — Scott Brineaux


I have been Dr. Ting's patient for almost 20 years. She truly cares about the health and welfare of her patients. She is a wonderful example of a physician who over the years has persevered through the changing healthcare landscape which has squeezed the family physician to provide a less personal experience so they could see more and more patients to meet the bottom line. Dr. Ting spends time with and provides the ultimate care for each and every one of her patients. She is a credit to her profession.

   — Andrea Holmes


This is the best doctor I've ever had. Her wait times are horrible but it's worth it. All you have to do is sign in and go run errands and come back in an hour or so. No big deal.

   — Dean Jennings


Dr. Ting has been my primary care provider for many years. I have had many different primary care providers but none that are as professional, dependable, and truly caring as Dr. Candy Ting.

   — Oliver


I love Dr. Ting. She honestly cares for her patients and doesn't rush you, which does mean a longer wait, but it's totally worth it. She's been my doctor for nearly a decade.

   — Vickie McDonough


I love Dr Ting. She is the best female doctor. She truly cares about people and has a wonderful sense of humor.

   — Diana Delargy


Dr Candy Ting saved my son's life when he was a baby and now he is a father himself!

   — Tamara Richardson


I love Dr Ting. I trust her with my life. She truly cares about each and every individual.

   — Tammy


Dr. Ting is very responsive to her patient. She listens to your concerns and acts promptly when issues arise. I have been a patient of hers for close to 20 years. I trust her to help me make the appropriate medical decision for both myself as well as my family (who are also patients of Dr. Ting).

   — Jennifer Buchana

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