Reviews for Ashley Rea, PA-C


Extreme patient focus.

   — Kirk Voth


Really perfect practice.

   — Roger Davis


Everyone in the orthopedic portion have been very kind and professional, from the x-ray personnel to the nurses who show me to the exam rooms to. Ashley (Bruce) Rea herself. I never thought I would say this, but I actually enjoy and look forward to my visits at Utica Park Clinic. There can't be a better recommendation than this.

   — Jere Uncapher


Ashley was wonderful. She is quite knowledgeable and always very helpful.

   — Peggi Ridgway


Have been treated very well and enjoy the staff. Ashley Bruce has been great.

   — Kathy Tilley


Coincident with this scheduled appointment, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my neck and upper back. She was so attentive and compassionate, and she listened intently to my very detailed and lengthy description of my health concerns. She ordered an x-ray, and decided after seeing those results, to order MRIs for my neck and thoracic back, and unbelievably, those MRIs were scheduled for that afternoon. Then, I received a call a few hours later with an overview of the test results. I’m mot sure I have ever had quicker service! The MRI specialist was also very attentive and professional. Thank you so very much!

   — Gwendolyn Johnson

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