Births attended by nurse-midwives have jumped significantly in recent years. More and more expectant mothers are choosing midwives, and with positive results.

From pregnancy to nursery

Nurse-midwives are registered nurses whose extra education equips them to deliver babies. They provide care for mother and child through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

Nurse-midwives offer complete care for low-risk mothers. This includes:

  • Prenatal visits

  • Prescription medicine

  • Attendance at vaginal births

  • Counseling for infant feeding

When necessary, nurse-midwives seek a doctor’s consultation. Nurse-midwives are usually employed by a hospital or doctors’ practice. Most of the births midwives attend take place in hospitals and birthing centers.

But if a woman’s pregnancy and birth are uncomplicated, she may not even need to see a doctor.

Successful, low-tech pregnancies

Research shows that mothers and babies fare as well with nurse-midwives as they do with doctors. Women who receive care from nurse-midwives also report high satisfaction rates.



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