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Kathleen Koljack, M.D.

Kathleen Koljack, M.D.
3.9 out of 5 


Utica Park Clinic - Jenks
701 E. Main St.
Jenks, OK 74037
Phone: 918-298-2264



Kathleen Koljack, M.D., is board certified with the American Board of Pediatrics. Patient comments about her include:

     "Dr. Koljack is extremely easy to talk to. She also talks to the patient (rather than through the parent) which I have always appreciated."  January, 2017.

     "Dr. Koljack always takes the time to explain what is going on. In addition, she is the only doctor that correctly diagnosed my daughter's issue after taking her to many doctors over the years, and she did that in the very first visit she had with her! Great doctor!" May, 2017.

     "Her nurses and staff are great! My wife and I love our pediatrician. She is very helpful. She’s very compassionate and seems genuinely interested in not just the health of our children but our family as a whole." March, 2018.

Dr. Koljack graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1984 where she also completed her residency program.

Dr. Koljack welcomes new patients and accepts most insurance plans. Her practice is located at:

     Utica Park Clinic
     701 E. Main St.
     Jenks, OK 74037

Her office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 918-298-2264.

American Board of Pediatrics

Featured Reviews



Dr. Koljack really knows her stuff! She is an excellent pediatrician and has always advocated for my child’s best care. She even detected that my child had moderate autism before I could even notice anything amiss (I have older children, so this wasn’t my first child, and I still didn’t pick up in it right away). She was quick to provide contacts and referrals to excellent services for my child, which I would otherwise had no idea about.

   — Isabel


Our son has seen Dr. Koljack for at least 10 years. We've been using the clinic she is at for much longer. She is thorough. She does a good job and takes the time needed to find out what is going on with your child. I recommend her and Utica Park Clinic Jenks to any and everyone.

   — Gladys Wallace


Dr. Koljack is a friendly but, to the point doctor. She has been great to recommend us to a specialist when needed. We hold Dr. Koljack's opinion very highly and appreciate her no nonsense approach.

   — Jamie Braden


Love Dr. Koljack. Very sweet lady. My son is 15 and we have been going to her since he was around 6 or 7 years old. He was diagnosed in the autism spectrum at the age 11. My son absolutely loves her. Would highly recommend her!

   — Kelly Mccombs


I love Dr Koljack. She doesn't beat around the bush and gets to the point. She is very motherly and asks all tge right questions to make sure the children are taken care of. She was me and my sister's doctor as children and now she's our children's doctor. I trust her

   — Mercedes


Dr Koljack and her staff are amazing. She is thorough, to the point and an excellent doctor. I can honestly say, her diagnoses are rarely wrong when it comes to my children. We've been seeing her for 4 years now and we easily see her once every month between the 2 of my children. She doesn't throw meds at every problem, she gives real life advice from experiences she's had with her own children and many, many years as a pediatrician. She's not easily alarmed but if she suspects a seriously issue, she's straight forward. She's very direct and I guess some people don't appreciate that, we do and I personally find it refreshing

   — Brittany Rizzo