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F. David Kondos, M.D.

F. David Kondos, M.D.
4.3 out of 5 


Utica Park Clinic
8136 S. Memorial Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74133
Phone: 918-461-2441

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Family Medicine

F. David Kondos, M.D., practices family medicine. Patient comments about him include:

     "Dr. Kondos has a wonderful bedside manner. He combines humor with seriousness and has the ability to discuss my health in a way that I understand. He always has a smile and takes his time with me. He never rushes. He's the best doctor I've ever had!" 

     "I trust Dr. Kondos with my life and well as the lives of two of my four children lives. He always listens and truly cares about his patients. He doesn't rush in the room and rush out as fast as possible. His goes thorough my chart each time I see him. I trust his training, wisdom, and opinion when I need to see a specialist."

     "He has been our family doctor for 20+ years. We have a great deal of trust in his medical treatment and advice."

     "I look forward to every visit to his office because I know he will be pleasant, professional and informative. He’s the best. He has proven to be thorough at all times and he's very proactive about my health. In fact, I credit him with saving my life in 2012. They don't come any better than Dr. Kondos."

     "I trust Dr. Kondos with my life and always recommend him whenever I can."

     "Dr. Kondos is an incredible physician. I have eight diagnoses. I basically lost my health 10 years ago. Dr. Kondos does an outstanding job as he coordinates the many specialists I see, the various medications I take and is the best listener I’ve ever encountered. He spends all of the time he needs to with me. Several of the specialists in the different disciplines that I see commented on his ability to make difficult diagnoses. They said he does a remarkable job meeting my health needs."

     "I have been coming to Dr. Kondos for 30 years. He has always been very personable and made me comfortable every time I see him. I would recommend him to anybody! In fact, I just referred my daughter to him and she’ll also be seeing him soon!"

    "Dr. Kondos and his staff are the best physician group I have ever had. I will never change doctors!"

Dr. Kondos received a microbiology undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma. He obtained his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Oklahoma City. He completed his internship at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Tulsa. His residency was completed at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in Oklahoma City. Dr. Kondos has been honored as PacifiCare Physician of the Year three times. 

Dr. Kondos’ office is located at:

     Utica Park Clinic
     8136 S. Memorial Drive
     Tulsa, OK 74133

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 918-461-2441.

Featured Reviews



Very happy with Dr. Kondos! My husband and I, and both of our grown children go to Dr. Kondos. Dr. Kondos and all the office staff are great!!

   — Margaret Harmon


My husband wanted me to go with him on his last appointment. I really enjoy watching the doctor work, which is a lot more difficult when I am the patient. And the reason is the same as all the other positive things other patients have said.

   — Tristan Knight


He's amazing! He's so easy to talk to. Very up to date with the newest treatments and therapies. Never too busy to make time to talk with his patients. Doesn't beat around the bush. Very disfigured and to the point. He's different in that he takes time to get to know you on a personal level that must doctors don't take the time to do anymore. I recommend him to everyone!!!

   — Ms Picture Perfect


I have been going to Dr. Kondos for 20 years and have received the utmost in care from him. He is seldom in a hurry in the treatment room and listens to everything I say. His staff at Utica Park is caring and professional and I wouldn’t think about going anywhere else.

   — Donnie Huggins


I was immensely pleased with Dr. David Kondos leading my health care. I used him for about five years, and then he moved into a different health network that my insurance didn’t cover. It’s been about ten years or so since he was my doctor. I can honestly say that I have never had the level of care and empathy exhibited by him. If I could, I would return to his care immediately!

   — Cynthia Donathan


I have been seeing Dr. Kondos for approximately 18 year . He knows every issue I have without having to refer to past notes to even know who I am. He ABSOLUTELY has my best interest at hear . He is the first, and only Dr. I have seen that has shown me that I am more than patient ID number. Dr. K rocks!!!

   — Sandra Borden